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COVID-19 Research, Data & Resources: Tips for Tracking Your Health During a Pandemic


COVID-19 Research, Data & Resources: Tips for Tracking Your Health During a Pandemic

With the Omicron Coronavirus variant rapidly spreading, here’s our most insightful content on COVID-19 and the value of understanding your key physiological metrics.

In a recent survey conducted through our app, 43% of WHOOP members who responded reported testing positive for COVID-19 at some point. Monitoring your health on a daily basis and knowing your baseline data is now more important than ever.  

Respiratory Rate

Many WHOOP members have reported experiencing an increase in respiratory rate coinciding with symptoms of COVID-19. Respiratory Rate: What is It, What’s Normal & Why Track It What Causes an Increased Respiratory Rate? Learn more about how WHOOP members are using their data: Case Studies in Respiratory Rate in Time of COVID-19 Our peer-reviewed paper published in the journal PLOS ONE: Analyzing Changes in Respiratory Rate to Predict the Risk of COVID-19 Infection LISTEN: Podcast 67: Respiratory Rate and COVID-19 Podcast 80: Pro Golfer Nick Watney on WHOOP and His COVID-19 Experience Podcast 102: Respiratory Rate Research & Pro Golfer Scott Stallings on COVID  

Blood Oxygen Level

People with COVID-19 often have low blood oxygen levels, which may be a warning sign that you are in need of medical care. What Is Blood Oxygen and What’s Normal? How to Increase Blood Oxygen Level  

Heart Rate Variability

Heart rate variability (HRV) is a measure of your autonomic nervous system that is one of the best objective metrics for physical fitness and determining your body’s readiness to perform. Everything You Need to Know About Heart Rate Variability 10 Ways to Improve Your HRV LISTEN: Podcast 29: Explaining Heart Rate Variability  

Resting Heart Rate

Resting heart rate is a valuable health metric and a key component of your daily WHOOP recovery. Resting Heart Rate: What it Is, Why It’s a Sign of Fitness, How to Improve It What is a Good Resting Heart Rate by Age and Gender?  

The WHOOP Health Monitor

You can track all of these metrics and more on a daily basis via the Health Monitor feature in the WHOOP app. WHOOP 4.0 Feature: The Health Monitor Normal Vital Signs and What They Mean LISTEN: Podcast 139: Introducing the WHOOP 4.0  

Actionable Insights

Things like reducing stress and getting more sleep can help strengthen your immune system and make your body less susceptible to sickness and infection. Impact of Stress on HRV, Resting Heart Rate & Recovery How to Improve Your Immune System Naturally How Sleep Boosts the Immune System and Makes it Stronger LISTEN: Podcast 129: How Sleep Has Affected Mental Health During COVID-19  

Understanding COVID-19 and Vaccines

We’ve analyzed data on how COVID vaccines affect WHOOP metrics, and a variety of doctors and other experts have joined our podcast to discuss the pandemic. Impact of COVID-19 Vaccination on WHOOP Data Our research published in the Journal of Applied Physiology: Biometrics from a Wearable Device Reveals Temporary Effects of COVID-19 Vaccines on Cardiovascular, Respiratory, and Sleep Physiology LISTEN: Podcast 66: Dr. Nicholas Christakis on Coronavirus Origins Podcast 72: COVID-19 Recovery Study Podcast 81: WHOOP Data and COVID-19 Podcast 121: How Different COVID Vaccines and Doses Affect Heart Rate, Sleep, Fatigue & More Podcast 144: Dr. Nicholas Christakis on COVID Booster Shots & What's Next with Pandemic Podcast 156: New WHOOP Research on Omicron Variant of COVID-19  

Contribute to COVID-19 Research

You can help us learn more about COVID-19 by contributing to our ongoing research. The WHOOP Journal now includes an option to log if you've recently tested positive for COVID (with an additional survey option), as well as a toggle to monitor whether or not you are currently feeling any symptoms.

Track covid symptoms with whoop
Track COVID symptoms and if you've tested positive via the WHOOP Journal.

The products and services of WHOOP are not medical devices, are not intended to diagnose COVID-19, the flu or any other disease, and should not be used as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. All content available through the products and services of WHOOP is for general informational purposes only.