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March 9, 2020

The WHOOP Journal

Track Your Specific Behaviors in the WHOOP Journal



Ever wonder how CBD oil affects your recovery? If wearing a sleep mask really makes a difference? In efforts to help WHOOP members make better lifestyle choices with real-time feedback on their bodies, WHOOP introduced the WHOOP Journal: A customizable feature that replaced the previous “User Input Survey” and allows members to log specific behaviors that may impact performance on a daily basis. The WHOOP Journal, available for iOS and Android, further personalizes the WHOOP experience by offering a wider range of 80+ behaviors to choose from within multiple categories, so you can monitor how these behaviors affect your recovery.

So, what changed? Previously, WHOOP included optional user surveys on the recovery and sleep performance sections of the app. In the recovery section, members were prompted each morning to note how they woke up feeling, whether it be stressed, sick, injured or tired. Similarly, in the Sleep Performance section, members were able to log bedtime behaviors like alcohol consumption and screen usage. While helpful to members, the previous survey was not nearly as detailed or customizable.

Now, you can choose from a long list of behaviors spanning across categories including nutrition, lifestyle, bedtime routines, supplements, and recovery protocols. There is also a field to define the time at which a behavior occurred for more specific tracking, and a section to add personal notes for a layer of documentation.

Some examples of behaviors you can log include:

  • Medications, sleep aids, or nutritional supplements, including dosage and frequency
  • Recovery modalities including acupuncture, hot therapy, massage, and stretching
  • Nutrition choices such as paleo or plant-based


In addition, members are able to choose different statuses within their journals to toggle on and off, denoting behaviors lasting for an extended period of time. This includes being injured, sick, stressed, or going through a training cycle. Statuses also allow individuals to identify if they are pregnant or menstruating.

How does it work?

Tap the Journal button on your overview screen (in the upper right below your recovery and strain circles). Select from more than 80 behaviors you’d like to monitor. Choose from categories including nutrition, lifestyle, bedtime routines, supplements and more. Each day, you’ll have a customized survey asking you questions about these behaviors.


Where can I see how these behaviors correlate to my performance?

As you fill out your Journal each day, WHOOP stores this information and gives you a summary at the end of the month within your Monthly Performance Assessment. You can see how these behaviors correlate to changes in recovery, and then take action to improve.

What happened to my old user survey responses?

With the Journal release, we migrated historical survey responses to the Journal, so no previously logged behavior were lost. Previous user input survey data is still incorporated into Monthly Performance Assessments, and also into running totals displayed in the Journal feature itself.

Stay tuned for more ways you can use the WHOOP Journal to fine-tune your performance. Tag us @whoop to share how you are logging specific behaviors in your journal.

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Lainie Smith

Lainie is a Product Expert at WHOOP. She runs competitively for the Greater Boston Track Club, teaches indoor cycling classes, and is constantly striving for her next best mega-sleep.