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WHOOP Partners with Sensei Lana’i, A Four Seasons Resort, on Optimal Wellbeing Program


WHOOP Partners with Sensei Lana’i, A Four Seasons Resort, on Optimal Wellbeing Program

Innovative Program Combines Hawaiian Vacation with Real-Time Health Data and Expert Analysis

These extraordinary times have served to reignite the global health conversation giving way to people becoming more cognizant than ever of our vulnerability to illness and the necessity for self-care. Today, WHOOP and Sensei Lana’i, A Four Seasons Resort unveil the Optimal Wellbeing Program. This newly enhanced program is a deep lifestyle analysis designed to inspire an optimal self via heightened awareness and experiential learning that are brought together into understandable and actionable insights by the Sensei Guides who are experts in their fields. At the heart of the program is the Sensei Way, which distills preventive health science, data and research into three simple paths for everyday living: move, nourish, and rest. “Sensei is committed to helping people live longer, healthier lives through preventative care and healthy lifestyle practices, and the Optimal Wellbeing Program is the next evolution of that purpose,” said Kevin Kelly, CEO of Sensei.

“With WHOOP, we now have the opportunity to seamlessly blend Sensei’s in-depth knowledge of evidence-led health and wellness principles and apply it to each guest’s unique needs and goals based on the real-time biometric feedback provided by the industry-leading WHOOP wearable health monitoring technology.”

Sensei’s Optimal Wellbeing Program is an augmented wellness experience that integrates intention, health metrics, lifestyle, and long-term wellbeing vision set against the unique landscape of Ko’ele, Lana’i’s traditionally spiritual uplands. The program consists of custom, evidence-led practices supported by technology to seamlessly connect each guest with their health information. This digital platform provides personal data and insights from Sensei and the WHOOP Strap 3.0. In alignment with Sensei’s three simple paths for everyday living, WHOOP focuses on three main pillars: strain, recovery, and sleep. The 24/7 fitness tracker and health monitor provides personalized, actionable feedback and tracks key metrics like heart rate variability, resting heart rate, respiratory rate, and sleep staging with industry-leading accuracy. Sensei Guides will work with each guest to understand their physiological health provided by WHOOP’s real-time data and other assessments while educating them on how everyday behaviors influence each measure. The understanding of each person’s individual outputs and inputs allows for Sensei Guides to create a highly personalized on-property experience as well as post-stay program that gives each guest a path forward to realizing maximum potential through everyday changes in which they can monitor their own wellbeing. Guests are invited to visit to learn more about the Optimal Wellbeing Program and WHOOP partnership.  

About Sensei Lāna’i, A Four Seasons Resort

Sensei Retreats, the first of which is located at the Sensei Lānaʻi, A Four Seasons Resort on Larry Ellison’s secluded Hawaiian island of Lanaʻi, is where people come to learn the Sensei Way in the most luxurious and inspiring settings. Each guest’s stay is highly customized to help align their actions with their intentions by offering private wellness consultations, small indoor and outdoor classes, relaxing treatments in individual spa hales, island adventures and innovative dining guided by the Sensei nutritional philosophy. Sensei's first retreat brings to life the vision of two people dedicated to a global movement for sustainable living, powered by science, data and technology.

About Sensei

Sensei applies data-driven health knowledge and utilizes technology in its programs and services to promote preventative care and healthy lifestyle practices. It was founded by Larry Ellison, technology pioneer and co-founder of Oracle, and Dr. David Agus, a world-leading physician and scientist, The New York Times best-selling author and CBS News contributor. The two leading innovators were brought together by the loss of a close friend and motivated by a shared purpose: to help people live longer, healthier lives through the most current, evidence-led knowledge combined with a fresh philosophy on food, health and lifestyle. The Sensei Way is informed by Dr. Agus’ lifetime of knowledge and devotion to self-care and preventative health science, and is based on the paths of move, nourish, and rest to address wellbeing and give people the ability to grow well.