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Podcast 153: Best of 2021

By Will Ahmed

Podcast 153: Best of 2021

2021 has been a huge year, for WHOOP and for the WHOOP community. In this episode we rewind the year that was on the WHOOP Podcast.

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It goes without saying that so many of our guests have inspired us, made us think, and challenged us to be the best version of ourselves. Today we’ll take a look back at some of the standout moments from the podcast in 2021. You can find every episode of the WHOOP Podcast here, or wherever you listen to podcasts. Wishing you all a very happy holiday season, stay healthy and stay in the green!  

Best of 2021 Podcast Highlights & Show Notes

2:04 - Alex Honnold - Free Solo Climber. Alex’s appearance in Episode 116 gave listeners an inside view of how the mind works for someone who has truly mastered both the mental and physical aspects of his craft. 8:04 - Rich Roll - Podcaster, Bestselling Author, Endurance Athlete. In Episode 146, Rich Roll shared why being teachable is one of the keys to a successful life. 12:29 - Steve-O - Stuntman and Star of MTV’s Jackass. Steve-O detailed his journey to superstardom and his struggles with drugs and alcohol in Episode 106. He has now been sober for 13 years and meditates twice a day. 15:13 - Dr. Jim Loehr - World-Renowned Sports Psychologist. Dr. Loehr explained in his appearance in Episode 137 how important it is to find your purpose in sport, in performance, and in life. 19:35 - Dr. Meeta Singh - Sleep Expert. Dr. Singh, a renowned sleep specialist, joined us to discuss the science of sleep in Episode 145. She covered how good sleep is actually deeply linked to your mental and emotional well-being. 23:18 - Patrick Mahomes - Kansas City Chiefs Quarterback, NFL MVP, Super Bowl MVP. Patrick and Will talked about the toll that an NFL season takes on the body in his appearance in Episode 124. 26:41 - Eli Manning and Larry Fitzgerald - NFL Legends. Both Eli Manning and Larry Fitzgerald detailed the mindset needed to be great when they came on the WHOOP Podcast. 28:32 - Tom Daley - Diver and Olympic Gold Medalist. Tom joined us in Episode 142 and talked about what it was like when he finally captured that elusive gold. 30:23 - Gabby Thomas - Olympic Medalist and Track & Field Star. Gabby explained in Episode 141 what the conditions in the Olympic Village were like, and they weren’t exactly what you’d expect for athletes trying to perform at their peak. 32:08 - WHOOP COVID Vaccine Research. Last year, a lot of our groundbreaking COVID research was dedicated to respiratory rate. We found that an increase in your respiratory rate can often be an indicator of a COVID-19 infection. This year, we dedicated a lot of time and energy into studying the effects of the COVID-19 vaccines. Our own Emily Capodilupo joined us in Episode 109 and Episode 121 to tell our audience what to expect with their COVID shots. 34:26 - Dr. Stacy Sims, World-Renowned Female Physiologist. In a recent WHOOP survey, only 9% of respondents said they’ve had a trainer, coach, or doctor tell them that they should be sleeping, fueling, or training differently during different phases of their menstrual cycle. Dr. Stacy Sims joined the WHOOP Podcast in Episode 150 to explain how women should think about their cycles and how that plays into performance.