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Celebrating the Products and Features We Launched in 2023

This year was all about taking human performance to the next level. To do that, we launched and improved over 20 features on the WHOOP app, and released some of our most game-changing new apparel and accessories to date.


See the rundown of this year’s biggest launches, explore new features, and see what new activities you could be logging.


Powered by OpenAI, WHOOP Coach generates highly individualized and conversational responses to your health, fitness, and wellness questions–all within seconds. WHOOP Coach takes proprietary WHOOP algorithms, a custom-built machine learning model, the latest in performance science and research, and your unique biometric data to identify patterns and connections in your WHOOP data.

  • Ask WHOOP Coach about how to get better sleep, get workout suggestions, see how you compare to other people your age, learn more about your HRV and so much more.  
  • Find WHOOP Coach on the home view, and all throughout the app. 

Strength Trainer quantifies the muscular load of your workouts by tracking weights, reps, and sets for a comprehensive view of your training efforts. For activities like strength training, measuring cardiovascular load alone doesn’t account for how hard your body is working. 

Train like the pros

  • Use Strength Trainer to do workouts crafted by professional athletes like footballer Virgil Van Djik, tennis player Sloane Stephens, and golfer Rory McIlroy. You can also do frequently updated, pre-loaded workouts, share your Strength Training exercises, and download the Strength Trainer widget.
  • Find Strength Trainer when you tap the action button  (+) on the home view of your app or under the Plan tab in "Overview". You can also learn more about Strength Trainer here.

Because WHOOP is the only wearable that can now measure your muscular load during a workout, your Strain Score now gives you more credit for how hard your body is working during yoga, Pilates, and barre by measuring both your cardiovascular and muscular load. 


Stress Monitor automatically tracks and provides you with a a real-time stress score between 0 and 3 by measuring your heart rate and HRV and comparing that to your baseline. WHOOP also considers the impact exercise can have on your stress score by taking your motion into account, so you can understand whether you’re actually stressed or just exerting yourself physically. View the trends in your stress over the last week, month, 6 months, and beyond. You can also see how activities, like running or breathwork map to your stress.

Breathe through it Stress Monitor also provides science-backed breathwork sessions to either increase relaxation or alertness. 

  • Find Stress Monitor on the home view under  “Overview”, and learn more here.  

Choose from over 140+ different habits or behaviors to track in the Journal across everything from diet to mental health to see how they impact your Recovery Score. The Insights section of the app updates daily so you can experiment to see which choices have the biggest impact on your health. Several are also tracked automatically without you having to log them in your WHOOP Journal. 

New automated impacts

  • Consistent bedtime 
  • Consistent wake time 
  • Early workout 
  • Late workout
  • Percentage spent in high stress zone 

New Journal behaviors

  • Calories
  • Fiber
  • Magnesium
  • Sodium
  • Calcium  
  • Mouth tape
  • Parenting sick child 
  • Weight-loss medication 
  • Blue-Light Blocking Glasses
  • Find “Impacts” when you tap the “Plan” tab and toggle to “Insights”, and learn more about impacts here.

You can now further personalize your WHOOP app with an updated home view of the metrics that matter most to you and your goals. Big updates include: 

Hide Sleep & Recovery: You can now hide these metrics, which is especially helpful on game days or high performance days where you want to capture all of your data, but not necessarily see it.

Action button: Use the all-new action button—(it looks like this: +) to access your WHOOP Journal to track over 100+ daily behaviors, find WHOOP Live to capture your workout in action, or start an activity.

Change your home view: Highlight certain metrics so your WHOOP home view has the data that matters most to you and your goals.

  • Explore your home view to play around with customization, and learn more about all the new updates here.


This year, we added even more app integrations to become the single destination for all of your health, fitness, and nutrition tracking and planning—making it even more seamless to improve your performance. 

Android widget

Get a quick view of your daily sleep, strain, and recovery data with the new Android widget. Plus, see the battery charge on your WHOOP device.


The WHOOP and Hyperice apps connect to understand the impact Hypervolt and Normatec devices have on your Recovery — you also now get personalized Hyperice recommendations based on your WHOOP activity, sleep, and recovery data, and log Normatec Air Compression or Hypervolt Percussive Massage as  Recovery activities.


Leading nutrition tracking app, Cronometer, and WHOOP connect to find out how nutrition impacts strain, recovery, and sleep.

Today's Plan

Endurance sport technology platform, Today’s Plan, syncs with an athlete’s WHOOP data, incorporating their Recovery, Sleep, HRV and other metrics into their daily activity plans.

Google Health Connect

Sync your WHOOP account with Google Health Connect to automatically import activities and key health metrics for a more complete picture of your health. 


In an update to our existing Strava integration, you can now select which Strain activities get automatically shared on your Strava by making your selections on the Strava integration page.

Apple Health Auto-Log to Journal

See how your diet, hydration, and/or menstruation impact your Recovery with our latest automation. WHOOP auto-fills some macronutrient, micronutrient, and menstruation data in the Journal with data you already log in your favorite nutrition and period apps via Apple Health.

  • Find “Integrations” when you tap the “More” tab, then “App Settings”, and learn more here.  And for Android users, learn how to adjust your Integrations here.

This year was all about details, and we added new ways to get an even deeper understanding about your cardiovascular health as well as your sleep—breaking down each in all new ways. 

Heart Rate Zone Details WHOOP retroactively shows you a detailed breakdown of time spent in each heart rate zone after you log a Strain activity, helping you further optimize your training. You can also now see your minimum heart rate when you do a recovery activity like meditation

  • Find your cardio details when you tap into a completed Strain activity on the home view of your app.

Deeper Sleep Insights More sleep isn't always better sleep. Understand everything that makes a great night's sleep with new sleep metrics like restorative sleep—the sleep stage vital to your body’s recovery process. Review nightly, weekly, monthly, and 6 month trends for sleep consistency, efficiency, debt, and restorative sleep percentage. 

  • Find your sleep trends when you tap into the sleep tab, and scroll down or by entering trends from any other section on the home view, and learn more about the latest WHOOP sleep tracking capabilities here.

We added over 20 new activities across Recovery and Strain. These all new activities ensure that you never have to miss a beat when tracking and optimizing your best performance. 


  • Breathwork
  • Non-Sleep Deep Rest
  • Percussive Massage 
  • Air Compression 
  • Percussive Massage (Hypervolt)
  • Air Compression (Normatec)
  • Steam Room 


  • Ice Skating
  • Handball 
  • Paintball 
  • F45 Training 
  • Padel 


From innovative, lab-validated products to unprecedented performance fabrics, this year was one for the books with all new apparel and accessories. 


The all-new HydroKnit material is our fastest-drying, most advanced fabrication yet. It dries twice as fast as SuperKnit and retains 30% less water – making it a must-have for water sports and high-sweat activities. The performance-ready, water-resistant band is available as a wrist or bicep band. 

Shop HydroKnit bands

Bluelight Blocking Glasses

You’ve always wondered if these were effective—so we put them to the test. With our findings, we developed two lenses, evening and all-day, and the results were impressive: 

Evening Lenses 

  • Block up to 60% of blue light
  • Decreased resting heart rate by 2.3% (1.3 fewer beats per minute)
  • Increase in heart rate variability by 3.5% (2.2 ms higher)
  • Increase in WHOOP recovery score by 5.0% (3.2 points higher)
  • Increase in total sleep by 3.0% (12.7 more minutes of sleep)

All-Day Lenses

  • Block up to 30% of blue light. 
  • Decrease in participant’s resting heart rate by 1.9% (1.1 fewer beats per minute)

Shop Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Sleep Mask

The sleep mask so effective, it sold out twice. Fitting snugly across a variety of face shapes to block light effectively, and backed by an internal WHOOP study, this mask showed an average of 6% increase in the time spent in REM sleep.

Shop the Sleep Mask


The WHOOP Tag is an engraved metal accessory that you can personalize with everything from contact information to medical conditions – even decorative sports icons. Add one to your WHOOP band to help keep you and your device safe.  

Shop WHOOP Tag 


To expand our partnership with the world leader in swimming innovation, TYR, we added a Men’s brief to the lineup. All WHOOP x TYR swimsuits pair TYR's famed performance-first fit and fabrics with WHOOP Any-Wear technology, enabling you to move your WHOOP 4.0 from your wrist to your swimsuit.


We can’t wait to see what 2024 has in store!