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Introducing WHOOP Coach, Powered By OpenAI

You could go to the bottom of the internet looking for answers about your health, fitness, and performance – or you could ask WHOOP Coach. 

We’ve all typed questions into search bars, looking for answers about what will help us sleep longer, train harder, or feel better. But our bodies and experiences are all different, and require answers that are as unique as we are. That’s where WHOOP Coach comes in. When you ask WHOOP Coach how to improve your HRV, how to manage your sleep, or how to optimize your morning routine, you’ll get personalized answers based on the millions of data points that WHOOP already knows about you, all thanks to the power of AI. 

How does it work?

WHOOP Coach takes proprietary WHOOP algorithms, a custom-built machine learning model, the latest in performance science and research, and your unique biometric data to identify patterns and connections in your WHOOP data. With OpenAI’s latest technology, WHOOP Coach generates highly individualized, conversational responses to your health, fitness, and wellness questions – all within seconds.

How is this different from other AI? 

WHOOP has always been at the forefront of technology and used the power of machine learning to help members better synthesize and understand their data. WHOOP Coach leverages the latest advancements in generative AI to provide a powerful, on-demand coaching experience. 

Most guidance, from wearables or elsewhere, is based on information that might not apply to your body, and your goals. WHOOP Coach acts like a search engine for your body, using GPT-4, OpenAI’s most advanced generative AI system, to generate highly personalized, highly specific recommendations and guidance.

How do I use it?

You choose what you want to focus on, or where you need more support, and WHOOP will coach you based on your body and your goals, providing individualized advice, insights, workout recommendations, nutrition coaching, fitness plans, and more. Chat with WHOOP Coach whenever you want, about whatever you want. Plus, over time WHOOP Coach analyzes what works for you to continue to refine its recommendations. As AI evolves at record pace, WHOOP will continue to leverage the latest in generative AI to provide a top-of-the-line coaching experience.

How to access WHOOP Coach 

Head to your Home screen to ask WHOOP a question, or from any of the key pillars in the app like Sleep, Strain, and Recovery. Type in a question and WHOOP Coach will respond, evaluating your personal WHOOP data, that of the WHOOP community, and the latest performance science and research. Within seconds, you’ll get a completely customized answer. WHOOP Coach will also keep a log of any questions you ask if you want to revisit them in the future. If you’d rather not use the feature, you can turn it off in the More tab.  

You can always turn off WHOOP Coach from the More tab>App Settings>WHOOP Coach (iPhone) or More tab>WHOOP Coach (Android). To customize your data preferences, tap into “Coaching Mode” in this same path. To delete WHOOP Coach chat data, contact us via,, or go to the More tab > Membership Services > Contact Us [bottom of screen] in the WHOOP app. To delete specific conversations, tap the chat icon in WHOOP Coach to view your conversation history and swipe left on conversations you would like to delete.

Your privacy with WHOOP Coach

Your conversations with WHOOP Coach will not be accessed without your consent and your data is not stored with 3rd parties. When you use WHOOP Coach, your metrics are anonymized and go through our third-party Large Language Learning Model (“LLM”) partner. If WHOOP Coach identifies that you require additional support, you can opt in and have your support request automatically filed with our Membership Services team. WHOOP will only use any information from WHOOP Coach in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

Try WHOOP Coach For Free

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