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WHOOP x Withings Press Release

WHOOP Announces New Body Composition and Weight Trends Feature and Integration Optimized in Partnership with WITHINGS.

Innovative Feature Provides New, Comprehensive Insights that Make It Easier Than Ever to Manage. Weight and Better Understand Holistic Health.

Boston (July 10, 2024) – WHOOP, the human performance company, today announced a new Body Composition and Weight Trends feature that has been designed for seamless integration with WITHINGS, which is also a world leader in connected health and inventor of the first smart scale. The new feature gives members the opportunity to measure and manage advanced body composition and weight metrics, addressing the requests from nearly a quarter of WHOOP members who have cited weight management as a top motivator for their health journey. 

The feature, when combined with WITHINGS most advanced scales, offers an exceptional member experience, including instant syncing with the WHOOP app and segmental composition.   

WHOOP and WITHINGS share a deep commitment to building cutting-edge technology, and the new feature makes it simple to view weight management metrics and develop habits that keep them on track towards their goals. By incorporating body composition and weight trends alongside existing WHOOP metrics which span Strain, Recovery, Sleep, and Stress, members can track progress against their goals and get a more comprehensive, holistic view of how their body compositions affect their biometrics and their overall, long-term health. 

What is Body Composition?

For those looking to change their body composition, whether that's increasing muscle mass, decreasing fat, or maintaining where they are, understanding the components of body composition are essential. Lean body mass is defined as a combination of muscle, bone, and water percentage. Body fat refers to fat that functions as a source of stored energy, as well fat that plays an active role in body function. Changing composition comes from adopting healthy habits, like consistent sleep, wake times, meal times, and exercise. Ideally, a healthy balance of fat and muscle is key to improving your long-term health. 

Body composition and weight trends tracking can give a more accurate overall picture of the body, compared to other calculations like Body Mass Index (BMI) which does not account for factors such as lean muscle mass, fat mass, and bone mass. Balanced body composition also has benefits such as reduced risk of chronic diseases, cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, and high blood pressure. 

“Our new Body Composition  and Weight Trends feature will transform the WHOOP experience for those looking to lose weight, gain muscle mass, and monitor their body composition,” said Will Ahmed, Founder and CEO of WHOOP. “We’re dedicated to providing the most innovative tools and insights to help our members get a comprehensive overview of their health every day. Partnering with WITHINGS aligns perfectly with this commitment and will enhance the data and trends we can identify for our members who are focused on weight management.” 

What are the new WHOOP Body Composition and Weight Trends Features?

The new feature encompasses tracking and education around Body Composition and Weight Trends metrics, providing WHOOP members with a more well-rounded view of their health, including:

  • Weekly, monthly, and 6-month Lean Body Mass and Weight Trends and insights that pull in data from sources including WITHINGS app, Apple Health, Google Health Connect, and can also be entered manually. 
  • Members will be able to hide or highlight this data via “personalize home” features by opting in to remove these metrics from the Home + Coaching tabs or adding them to their Home dial. 
  • Plus, we have added 4 new Strength Trainer workouts crafted by our team to support our members on their journey towards improved body composition by gaining muscle  

How does WITHINGS integrate with WHOOP?

Members can integrate their body composition and weight data – like lean body mass and body fat percentage – into WHOOP to get the trends, insights, and guidance that help them achieve their goals. This can be done manually, or data can be pulled from the WITHINGS app, Apple Health, or Health Connect. 

Members with a WITHINGS Body Comp or Body Smart Scale can automatically import weight, lean body mass percentage and body fat percentage into the WHOOP app. Those with a WITHINGS Body Scan Scale can also see segmental body composition trends like fat and muscle mass across arms, legs and torso.

"Knowing your numbers and trends over time is crucial for health. That’s why WITHINGS scales integrate powerful scans to provide body composition tracking and daily analysis of key biomarkers. We’re excited to have joined forces with WHOOP, as we share a common desire to keep pushing boundaries in revolutionizing healthcare.” said Éric Carreel, President and Founder of WITHINGS.

To learn more about the WHOOP Body Composition and Weight Trends features and receive exclusive discounts on WHOOP and WITHINGS Scales, visit


WHOOP, the human performance company, offers a wearable health and fitness coach to help people achieve their goals. The WHOOP membership provides best-in-class wearable technology, actionable feedback, and recommendations across recovery, sleep, training, and health. WHOOP serves professional athletes, Fortune 500 CEOs, executives, fitness enthusiasts, military personnel, frontline workers, and anyone looking to improve their performance. WHOOP Unite is a comprehensive solution dedicated to supporting organizations across a wide range of industries with coaching, organizational insights, and health programs. Studies show WHOOP can positively change behavior, increase sleep, and improve physiological biomarkers. Founded in 2012, WHOOP is based in Boston and has raised more than $400 million in venture capital. The latest round of financing made WHOOP the world's most valuable standalone wearables company. Visit for more information and connect with WHOOP on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube.


WITHINGS created the first smart scale in 2009 and has been the pioneer in connected health ever since. Its clinically validated and multi-award-winning range is used by millions worldwide and includes smart scales, hybrid watches, blood pressure monitors, sleep analyzers, and more. The team of engineers, data scientists, and healthcare professionals at WITHINGS work alongside clinical experts to make it possible to take medical-grade measurements at home. Withings was the first to bring measurements for pulse wave velocity and electrodermal activity into the home – finding ever more precise ways to measure our health. WITHINGS Health Solutions, its dedicated division serving healthcare professionals across chronic disease prevention and management, remote patient monitoring, clinical research, and more, helps bridge the gap between patients and their care teams. Withings is dedicated to creating a world where people can see their path to better health and feel supported to pursue it using devices designed to fit beautifully into daily life, supported by information that unlocks long-term health insights and offers programs to create meaningful change.

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