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WHOOP Becomes Official Wearable of CrossFit


WHOOP Becomes Official Wearable of CrossFit

Multiyear Partnership Will Help Athletes at All Levels Benefit from Biometric Data on Training, Sleep, and Recovery

BOSTON, MARCH 4, 2021 -- WHOOP and CrossFit today announced a multiyear partnership naming WHOOP the Official Wearable of CrossFit. The partnership will help CrossFit athletes at all levels benefit from WHOOP data around training, sleep, and recovery. CrossFit also plans to share data from the world’s fittest athletes via integrations into its broadcast programming and other digital and on-site channels. “CrossFit athletes were some of the earliest WHOOP adopters and have continued to be an integral part of our growing global membership,” said Will Ahmed, WHOOP Founder and CEO. “WHOOP is the ideal partner for CrossFit training as it provides the information that athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike need to understand their bodies, prioritize recovery, and ultimately optimize performance. We are incredibly excited to become an official partner of CrossFit and bring our communities even closer together.” In addition to the new quality of fan and athlete engagement that WHOOP will bring to the sport with real-time data sharing features like WHOOP Live, WHOOP and CrossFit will create several co-branded events over the course of the partnership and go deeper into co-created storytelling highlighting health and fitness. CrossFit will also integrate WHOOP insights into the educational component of the sport, including sleep and recovery content for new members all the way to top trainers. Ultimately, this partnership will benefit the everyday CrossFit athletes, affiliates, and the entire community by empowering individuals to take control of their well-being both in the gym and at home through WHOOP technology.

“I’ve always been a data guy, and I’m passionate about the ways that we can use data to improve human health, which is why I’m so excited about this partnership and collaboration between CrossFit and WHOOP,” said Eric Roza, CrossFit CEO. “WHOOP helps athletes quantify their own health and performance, so they can use that data to analyze, understand, and improve their personal outcomes. That kind of information is power, and we’re delighted to work together to share the power of WHOOP with the worldwide CrossFit community.”

In 2020, half of the competitors at the CrossFit Games wore WHOOP, and members already include some of the top athletes in the world, such as Katrin Davidsdottir, Noah Ohlsen, Brooke Wells, Rich Froning, Kari Pearce, and Christian Harris. WHOOP, with its 24/7 physiological monitoring coupled with actionable feedback, is uniquely positioned to help CrossFit athletes take on exercise, prevent injuries, and improve overall health. “I’ve been a WHOOP member for almost four years now and it’s so fun to look back and see how much the technology has evolved! Being in a sport that is still in its early stages, we are constantly learning and changing, and it’s been incredible to see WHOOP keep pace with all the different training needs we have while providing optimal ways to recover and get better as an overall athlete,” said Katrin Davidsdottir, a two-time Fittest Woman on Earth and CrossFit Games champion. “This partnership is a true sign of the brand’s commitment to the CrossFit community and the future of the sport.” Join the WHOOP x CrossFit community for $30 off any membership today at  

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