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Introducing WHOOP Blue Light Glasses Designed to Enhance Sleep & Recovery

By Tatiana Kuzmowycz

Introducing WHOOP Blue Light Glasses Designed to Enhance Sleep & Recovery

From durable titanium frames to proven blue light blocking technology, the all-new WHOOP Blue Light Glasses have been tested and shown to improve sleep and recovery

A good night's sleep is at the foundation for our physical and mental health, yet few of us are getting ideal sleep every night. With modern technology creeping its way into the bedroom, getting an undisturbed, quality night of sleep might be harder than ever. That's why we're excited to introduce WHOOP Blue Light Glasses which have been tested and proven to help wearers get more sleep and better recoveries.

WHAT IS Circadian Rhythm?

Circadian rhythm is the natural way your body follows its 24-hour internal clock physically, mentally, and behaviorally. Your circadian rhythm maintains your sleep/wake cycle and plays an integral role in the quality of your sleep and how you feel. As it gets darker in the evening, your brain tells your body to make more melatonin so you feel tired and prepare for bed because your circadian rhythm responds to light and dark to guide the mental and physical processes in your body.

What is Blue Light?

The circadian clock is heavily influenced by the light/dark cycle of the sun. The sun emits a number of wavelengths of lights - shorter wavelengths possess higher energy and blue light is the shortest visible light, just slightly longer and less powerful than UV rays. Some amounts of blue light during the day can make you feel more energized and alert while helping to regulate your circadian clock. However, excess light at night - especially blue light which our eyes can’t effectively filter - has been shown to disrupt your body’s biological clock and suppress melatonin.

Reducing Your Exposure to Blue Light

While the sun is the largest source of blue light, digital screens from common electronic devices like laptops, phones, and televisions, along with fluorescent and LED lighting, all emit blue light which can disrupt your circadian rhythm. Too much blue light can also lead to dry, irritated eyes, headaches, and other symptoms. WHOOP members have reported regularly using blue light blocking glasses during the day to limit digital eye strain and at night to prepare for bed. In fact, we’ve seen that WHOOP members who log wearing blue light blocking glasses in WHOOP Journal see an increase in their time asleep.

THE ALL-NEW WHOOP Blue Light Glasses

Everything we do at WHOOP has one goal: to help people unlock their best performance. While the blue light glasses on the market today provide great benefits, depending on the brand, style, and testing process, the benefits can vary. We decided to bring our research-first approach to developing the highest-quality blue light blocking glasses proven to promote better sleep. The leading WHOOP designers, engineers, and researchers came together to develop multiple prototypes in a variety of eyewear shapes, materials, and more to find the perfect pair that balances function and fashion. Engineered of highly durable stainless steel and titanium, WHOOP Blue Light Glasses are designed for durability and for performance wear. To optimize blue light viewing during the day and at night, we developed two distinct options: a line of clear lenses that block 30% of blue light emissions and a second line with amber lenses that block 59% of blue light emissions. The ultimate test of our WHOOP Blue Light Glasses was evaluating their impact on sleep and recovery metrics. In partnership with WHOOP Labs, we conducted a study and saw the following benefits on nights when participants wore WHOOP Blue Light Glasses:

Our research also found that the clear lenses provided more utility during daytime wear for moderate amounts of blue light while the amber lenses had a greater positive impact when worn in the hours prior to going to sleep.


WHOOP Blue Light Glasses are available to members and non-members. Shop WHOOP Blue Light Glasses now and choose from a variety of styles and lens colors.