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WHOOP and EF Pro Cycling to Partner Through 2023


WHOOP and EF Pro Cycling to Partner Through 2023

EF Pro Cycling & WHOOP Extend Partnership

EF Pro Cycling and WHOOP today announce an extension to their partnership, ensuring the team’s athletes and staff will benefit from best-in-class wearable technology and sleep tracking for seasons to come. The team and WHOOP initially partnered at the 2020 Tour de France and will work together to elevate the team’s performance and well-being through the 2023 season. The WHOOP platform helped support a safe and healthy return to competition and has been crucial in measuring recovery, strain, and sleep. WHOOP also integrates into a variety of team training tools, including Training Peaks, and plays a key role in research to explore new protocols in a highly scientific sport. “The Tour de France gave us insight into individual aspects of daily recovery for both riders and staff — we were able to see how everyone in the organization was responding to the strain of the event and work to optimize recovery,” said Kevin Sprouse, the team’s head of medicine. “We’ve been able to measure training load for years now, but that is only four to five hours of the day. WHOOP gives us insight into the other 20 hours of the day. Individually, riders have been able to make changes to their routines and prioritize recovery in a data-driven, actionable manner.” "EF Pro Cycling has experienced great success this season and WHOOP has played an integral role in helping riders achieve peak performance," said Antonio Bertone, Chief Marketing Officer of WHOOP. "This next step in our partnership will not only help the team take its training to the highest level, but it will also unlock new opportunities for fans of cycling and athletes around the world." EF Pro Cycling has onboarded new data-driven insights and actionable feedback into the team’s work by tapping into personalized biometrics like heart rate variability, resting heart rate, respiratory rate, and sleep performance. “We are thrilled to extend our partnership with WHOOP. While race performance is a priority, we believe in a holistic approach to health and human performance of our riders and staff,” said Mary Wittenberg, President of EF Pro Cycling. “WHOOP has already helped positively change behavior and improve sleep, while becoming a common topic of conversation across our broader team. We love how cyclists and aspiring athletes of all abilities can improve their own health and performance with WHOOP just like our World Tour riders. In celebration of the extended partnership, WHOOP and EF Pro Cycling are now offering fans of the team special discounted WHOOP memberships and access to the EF Pro Cycling group, where fans can connect with the team and gain access to exclusive insights, challenges, and one-of-a-kind team bands when available. Fans can head to for their exclusive membership and join the EF Pro Cycling team by entering the invite code COMM-EF1PCT upon becoming WHOOP members.