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New Feature: Push your WHOOP Activities to Strava

July 2, 2020

WHOOP Now Strava Compatible

WHOOP is excited to launch our compatibility with Strava, the largest global athletic community. This integration serves as an additional tool members can use to leverage their WHOOP fitness tracker data and in-app GPS tracking, expand their online social network with other like-minded athletes, and share activities to their Strava feed.

By bringing both the WHOOP and Strava communities together we can empower athletes to expand their athletic community, further quantify their fitness and well-being, and challenge themselves with new training objectives.


What is Strava?


Strava is the largest online global athletic community. Designed by athletes, for athletes, Strava’s mobile app and website connect millions of runners and cyclists through the sports they love. Their platform allows athletes to upload activities, compete on route segments, manage a training schedule, and discover great places to run and ride, anywhere in the world.

Don’t have a Strava account yet? Visit strava.com to set up a free profile that allows you to upload activities, follow other athletes, and join exclusive clubs.


How do I integrate my Strava account with WHOOP?


If you already have a Strava account, connecting your WHOOP app to Strava is easy! Follow these simple steps:

1. Tap the left hand Menu, scroll to “Settings.”

2. Tap “Integrations” and select “Strava.”

3. Tap “Connect Strava” and hit “Authorize.”

How to sync WHOOP with Strava on your phone.


4. You’ll be asked how you want to share your WHOOP activities. Turn this feature “On” and select the style you want posted on your feed. There are 3 to choose from.

Your WHOOP activities synced with Strava.


Once connected, there’s nothing else you’re required to do! Your WHOOP activities will sync automatically to your Strava feed for you and your followers to see, give kudos, and comment on.

Activities logged with WHOOP can now automatically be synced with Strava.



How Do I Take Advantage of WHOOP + Strava Compatibility?


WHOOP members and Strava athletes share similar traits--they are driven by data to improve performance and see value in training and competing together:

A 24/7 physiological profile in your Strava feed

By adding WHOOP activities to Strava, you can build a more comprehensive picture of your day-to-day training regimen. Whether you’re logging miles or swimming laps, accelerate your training with key data points including resting heart rate, heart rate variability, and hours of sleep that provide physiological context to your workouts.

Activity Auto-Detection

Your WHOOP activities will automatically sync to your Strava feed, making it a seamless and easy way to keep track of your active life.

Upload live tracking of GPS activities from WHOOP to Strava

After extensive research and testing, we recently updated how we calculate the distance for routes tracked in Strain Coach. WHOOP now performs more filtering on the GPS data that we receive from your phone, to provide a more accurate and consistent measurement of distance.

Join the WHOOP x Strava club

In the WHOOP x Strava club you'll be able to connect with other WHOOP athletes, monitor the daily leaderboard, and get helpful WHOOP content in your feed!

Participate in virtual challenges

Every month, there are numerous challenges you can join, from running a 5k to logging 100 miles on your bike. For each challenge you complete, you get a badge and bragging rights!

Stay tuned for future Strava challenges with WHOOP, and the opportunity to follow some of your favorite athletes on Strava!




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