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Access Your WHOOP Data with New Integrations & Data Export Options

By Tatiana Kuzmowycz

Access Your WHOOP Data with New Integrations & Data Export Options

WHOOP releases Developer Platform for third-party integrations and enables data export capabilities for members

WHOOP provides personalized, physiological insights and coaching to improve people’s wellness every day. We are unlocking new ways for WHOOP members to take control of their data and build a more holistic view of their health.


Privacy is a fundamental part of WHOOP and it is a foundational right for our members. We have invested heavily, and will continue to invest, in features and security to protect the privacy and security of your personal data. We never sell our member’s personal data and we only use aggregated or de-identified wellness data for research. WHOOP members control their data as laid out in our privacy principles and we believe this should be the standard for all companies providing wearable devices. With the release of a Developer Platform and the ability for members to export their own data, we are providing our members even more personal control of where and how they may want to share their data.


An application programming interface (API) effectively allows two different apps to share data with each other. The WHOOP Developer Platform enables third-party applications to create meaningful integrations via the WHOOP API. Developers can enrich their own app with 24/7 physiological data measured by WHOOP, including insights across recovery, strain, sleep, and workouts. Now, anyone with an idea about how WHOOP can improve their experience in another platform has the tools available to bring it to life. As part of our privacy policies, all developers are required to submit their integrations and adhere to our API Terms of Use. Every integration is reviewed by WHOOP prior to becoming fully available to all WHOOP members to ensure compliance. WHOOP members must opt-in to share any data with a third-party and are always given that option.


The Developer Platform is designed to allow other wellness, health, fitness, and general apps to incorporate WHOOP data into their ecosystems. By opening up new integrations, WHOOP is extending its insights beyond the WHOOP app and further enhancing the member experience, giving you a better understanding of your health, your body, and your well-being. For example, WHOOP members who participate in functional fitness activities may also train with pliability (previously known as ROMWOD), a platform dedicated to mobility programming. Members can opt into an integration with pliability which will provide recovery modality recommendations like mindfulness and stretching programs based on personalized strain and recovery data.

WHOOP currently offers the ability to sync your data with third-party apps like Apple Health, Strava, and TrainingPeaks. As more applications integrate with WHOOP, our members will be able to make use of their data in ways that were not previously possible.


WHOOP members can now go even deeper into and add another layer of control over their data. In addition to allowing members to opt-in to share their data with other apps, WHOOP has launched a new feature that members can use to download their raw data. Members can now export their data on a granular level, making it easy to view, analyze, and share it with a friend, family member, or health professional.WHOOP organizes data by physiological cycles - the period of time from registering one sleep to the next - rather than specific calendar days. Members will have access to data from each cycle across our pillars of sleep, recovery, and strain as well as their individual WHOOP Journal entries.

Exporting your WHOOP data is easy for members and aligns with the WHOOP privacy policy.


WHOOP empowers its members with an understanding of their biometric baseline alongside actionable health and fitness feedback. WHOOP 4.0 already includes impactful features that make it easy to review and share key health data. The Health Monitor allows members to quickly view vitals like respiratory rate and blood oxygen level to check on how metrics compare to their typical range. Members are also able to create a shareable PDF health report featuring 30- or 180-day vitals trends, which they can choose to send to a coach, trainer, Primary Care Physician, or other partner. With the release of the new Developer Platform and Data export feature, WHOOP is expanding how members can leverage their data to their own benefit in more ways than ever before.