Improve your Body Composition

Insights that lead to progress

WHOOP tracks your sleep, strain, stress, recovery, and more to provide you with personalized coaching to unlock your best. Now, you can also track your body composition for direct insights into muscle mass and body fat changes – and take control of your long-term health.

Discover your body composition

Body composition is defined as how much muscle, bone, water, and fat your body contains. By incorporating body composition and weight data alongside existing key WHOOP metrics, you’ll get a comprehensive view of how your sleep, resting heart rate, and heart rate variability are all tied to whole-body health.

You can connect your data from WITHINGS, Apple Health, Google Health Connect, or enter it manually.

Health & Wellness

All-new Body Composition and Weight trends: Insights that Lead to Progress

More than a number

Weight is more than a number. Understanding the composition of your body puts you in control of the changes you want to make, whether that's increasing muscle mass, decreasing fat, or maintaining where you are.

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