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Podcast 277: Leadership, Longevity, and Life as a Footballer with Ali Riley

On this week’s episode WHOOP Global Head of Human Performance, Principal Scientist Kristen Holmes is joined by women’s soccer star, Ali Riley. Ali currently captains the New Zealand National Team and Angel City FC. She has represented New Zealand at 5 FIFA World Cups, 4 Olympic Games, and will be headed to Paris this summer. In 2023, Ali led the New Zealand National Team to the country’s first-ever World Cup match win.

Listen on:

Kristen and Ali discuss going to Paris, representing the New Zealand National Team, life as a student-athlete and national team player, advocating for yourself, dealing with nerves, Ali’s leadership style and professional career, nutrition and Ali’s cookbook, using WHOOP to maximize performance, Caitlin Clark and women’s sports, and thinking about a final game.

Episode Chapters:

  • 1:35 - Ali’s state of mind ahead of Paris
  • 4:27 - Representing the New Zealand National Team
  • 10:27 - Life as student-athlete and national team player
  • 15:28 - Advocating for yourself
  • 18:23 - Dealing with nerves
  • 21:11 - Ali’s leadership style
  • 28:57 - Ali’s professional career
  • 38:04 - Nutrition and Ali’s cookbook
  • 44:34 - Using WHOOP to maximize performance
  • 47:49 - The power of social media
  • 58:54 - Caitlin Clark and women’s sports
  • 1:02:14 - Improving longevity in sport
  • 1:05:22 - Thinking about a final game


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