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Podcast 274: Data That Drives Longevity: How to Stay in the Game Longer with Bethanie Mattek-Sands

On this week’s episode WHOOP Global Head of Human Performance, Principal Scientist Kristen Holmes is joined by tennis star Bethanie Mattek-Sands. A 9 time Grand Slam champion, and commonly known as America’s Rock Star of Tennis, Bethanie has brought a charismatic energy to the sport, which has propelled her to 31 titles throughout her career.

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Kristen and Bethanie discuss how Bethanie started tennis at a young age, her true identity on and off the court, prioritizing recovery, the biggest tools for Bethanie’s health, using data to optimize performance, the state of women’s sports, and what’s next for Bethanie.

Episode Chapters

  • 2:47 - Starting tennis at a young age
  • 7:58 - Leaning into her true identity
  • 13:48 - Prioritizing recovery
  • 20:45 - The biggest impacts and tools for Bethanie’s health
  • 35:29 - Breathwork
  • 38:42 - How Bethanie resets away from tennis
  • 42:17 - Using data to optimize performance
  • 51:06 - The state of women’s sports
  • 54:25 - What’s next for Bethanie

Research Links:

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