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Podcast 272: Cristiano Ronaldo: The World’s Best Footballer Like You’ve Never Seen Him Before

On this week’s episode WHOOP Founder and CEO Will Ahmed is joined by the world’s best footballer, Cristiano Ronaldo. The legendary athlete is now an investor and Global Ambassador for WHOOP. The 5x Ballon d’Or and 5x Champions League winner describes WHOOP as a tool he cannot live without in order to perform at his peak.

Listen on:

Will and Cristiano discuss Cristiano’s first memory playing football, being motivated by his father, talent vs. work ethic, how he uses WHOOP, his recovery modalities, mindfulness and visualization, and his partnership with WHOOP. For more info visit 

Episode Chapters

  • 1:23 - Cristiano’s first memory playing football
  • 2:55 - Being motivated by his father
  • 4:19 - Talent vs. work ethic
  • 6:56 - Being at the top for so long
  • 8:08 - How Cristiano uses WHOOP
  • 13:35 - Recovery modalities
  • 16:22 - Mindfulness and visualization
  • 18:35 - Partnering with WHOOP

Research Links:

Cristiano's Website

Cristiano's Instagram