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Podcast 271: Laugh Your Stress Away with Dermot Whelan

On this week’s episode WHOOP Founder and CEO Will Ahmed is joined by Dermot Whelan. Dermot is an award-winning Radio and TV Broadcaster, Author, Comedian, Podcast Host and Meditation Expert.

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As the host of The Mind Full Podcast, Dermot shares his wealth of knowledge and teachings around meditation, stress management, positivity, and more. Will and Dermot discuss how Dermot found comedy, developing material, Dermot’s 16 second meditation technique, how society views meditation, and how Dermot uses WHOOP.

Episode chapters

  • 1:35 - Dermot finding comedy 
  • 8:15 - Dermot’s first time doing stand-up 
  • 11:07 - Developing material
  • 15:50 - Finding meditation
  • 23:33 - Dermot’s 16 second meditation technique
  • 31:24  - Meditation sparking Dermot’s health kick
  • 36:54 - How society views meditation
  • 40:50 - Dermot using WHOOP
  • 48:07 - The power of fulfillment

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