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Podcast 269 Dan Churchill: How Food Fuels Your Performance

On this week’s episode WHOOP Founder and CEO Will Ahmed is joined by Performance Chef and Podcast Host Dan Churchill. The Australian native is now the Chef at The Osprey in Brooklyn, and the host of The Epic Table Podcast

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With a Master’s Degree in Exercise Science, Dan blends his expertise in fitness and wellness with his passion for healthy cooking and has become the face of nutrition-based performance. Dan and Will talk about his latest book Eat Like a Legend and his experience running the Boston Marathon. They also discuss how Dan treats his body and mind, physical strain vs. mental strain, top meals for performance, and weight loss tips.


  • 2:15 - How Dan treats his body and mind
  • 9:15 - Physical strain vs Mental strain
  • 11:58 - Becoming a chef 
  • 20:33 - Moving from Australia to America
  • 24:45 - Dan’s new book Eat Like a Legend
  • 29:10 - Top meals for performance
  • 34:18 - What’s next for The Osprey
  • 40:27 - The Boston Marathon
  • 49:04 - Weight loss tips

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