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Podcast 268: Sleep and Stress: The Latest Study Powered by WHOOP

On this week’s episode WHOOP Global Head of Human Performance, Principal Scientist Kristen Holmes is joined by WHOOP SVP, Research Algorithms, and Data Emily Capodilupo to discuss an upcoming study on Sleep, Stress & Blood Pressure.

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Kristen and Emily discuss the link between sleep, stress, and blood pressure and an upcoming study conducted by our team here at WHOOP - that our members can be a part of.

The pair discuss an overview of the study, the power of big data collections, breaking down stress, how anxiety impacts sleep, how we perceive stress, and understanding sleep patterns.


  • 1:50 - Overview of the study
  • 4:32 - Why we are conducting the study
  • 12:14 - The study protocol
  • 22:34 - The power of big data collections
  • 26:35 - Breaking down stress
  • 32:27 - How anxiety impacts sleep
  • 39:55 - How we perceive stress
  • 49:16 - Understanding sleep patterns

Research Links:

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What Happens to the Body During Stress

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Dr. Rangan Chatterjee: Breathing Techniques