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Podcast 266: Unpacking the Rise of Rucking with Jason McCarthy

On this week’s episode, WHOOP Founder and CEO Will Ahmed is joined by Jason McCarthy the Co-Founder and CEO of GORUCK.

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Jason McCarthy founded GORUCK in West Africa with his wife Emily, a Case Officer for the CIA. It all started with a napkin sketch for a rucksack that could thrive in Baghdad and NYC. Jason also served in Special Forces after 9/11 and proudly serves on the Board of Directors of the Green Beret Foundation.

Will and Jason discuss how Jason joined the military, the idea for GORUCK, starting the business, defining rucking and its benefits, developing mental toughness, advice to future Green Berets, and how Jason uses WHOOP.


  • 2:30 - Joining the military
  • 11:45 - Having accountability for the country
  • 16:25 - The idea for GORUCK
  • 19:35 - What is in a go bag
  • 21:20 - Starting the business
  • 25:53 - Defining rucking and its benefits
  • 31:28 - What’s next for GORUCK
  • 33:14 - Baseline and extreme rucks
  • 35:49 - Developing mental toughness
  • 39:41 - Advice to future Green Berets
  • 41:36 - Jason using WHOOP 

Research Links:

GORUCK Website