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Podcast 258: Playing the Long Game: Embracing Aging with Dr. Vonda Wright

Dr. Vonda Wright is a longevity expert and double board-certified orthopedic sports medicine surgeon. For 20+ years, she has worked with athletes and leaders across the sports and business industries.

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On this week’s episode, WHOOP VP of Performance Science, Principal Scientist, Kristen Holmes is joined by orthopedic surgeon and longevity expert Dr. Vonda Wright.

Kristen and Dr. Vonda discuss Dr. Vonda’s mission, investing in longevity, nutrition’s impact on aging, tactics to change behaviors, and life as a surgeon.


  • 4:10 - Dr. Vonda’s mission
  • 8:25 - Is aging a disease
  • 11:33 - Investing in longevity
  • 16:01 - Exercising for longevity
  • 22:25 - Age and sex impacting longevity
  • 24:10 - Healthy muscle tissue leading to longevity
  • 28:11 - Nutrition and aging
  • 36:40 - Tactics to changing behaviors
  • 48:37 - Life as a surgeon and team doctor

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Dr. Vonda's Website