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Podcast 257: Live from Wodapalooza: The Buttery Bros Take Over the Mic

On this week’s episode, we have some special guest hosts for you! Earlier this month, we were down in Miami at Wodapalooza and our good friends, the Buttery Bros took over the mic to chat with some of our favorite WHOOP-wearing athletes like Annie Thorisdottir, Katrín Davíðsdóttir, and Haley Adams.

Listen on:

The Buttery Bros kick things off with Annie and Katrin and discuss the pair’s upcoming women’s health initiative, using data throughout training, sleep habits, and staying active during pregnancy.

The Buttery Bros then welcome Haley Adams to discuss how she uses data to train throughout her season, getting back to competition after time off, new habits and passions and inspiring the younger generation - plus how Haley uses WHOOP.


  • 2:50 - Annie and Katrin’s women’s health initiative 
  • 6:33 - Using data throughout training
  • 7:55 - Improving sleep habits 
  • 10:40 - Training and staying active while pregnant
  • 14:18 - Keeping the competitive fire alive 
  • 15:42 - Plans for 2024
  • 18:48 - How Haley uses data to train throughout her season
  • 19:58 - Getting back to competition after time off
  • 21:20 - Changes to Haley’s training
  • 22:45 - Haley’s goals moving forward
  • 24:15 - New habits and passions Haley is developing for balance
  • 27:10 - Creating a more structured training program
  • 28:20 - Inspiring the younger generation
  • 29:50 - Feeling inspired to train again
  • 31:05 - How Haley uses WHOOP

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