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Podcast 248: Melissa Urban: How to Show Up Authentically During the Holidays

Melissa Urban is the Co-Founder and CEO of Whole30, a New York Times best-selling author, and is here to talk to us about staying balanced during the holiday season.

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On this week’s episode, WHOOP VP of Performance Science, Principal Scientist, Kristen Holmes is joined by the Co-Founder and CEO of Whole30, Melissa Urban. Melissa is here to help us Hack the Holidays. As the holiday season ramps up, here are some tips on how to stay balanced with your health and wellness during the festivities.

Kristen and Melissa will discuss managing alcohol consumption, keeping your nutritional habits balanced, dealing with the thought of overindulging, common issues people run into during the holidays, sleep and circadian health, and the importance of downtime.

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  • 3:48 - Managing alcohol consumption
  • 13:05 - Keeping your nutritional habits balanced
  • 16:49 - Dealing with the thought of overindulging
  • 18:23 - The common issues people run into during the holidays
  • 21:42 - Commenting on someone’s body
  • 23:25 - Making your plate at parties
  • 26:02 - Having a plan for social gatherings
  • 28:19 - Sleep and circadian health
  • 34:53 - The importance of downtime and saying no
  • 38:05 - Educating family and friends on your personality type 
  • 42:41 - Exercising during the holidays
  • 45:38 - Dealing with stress
  • 51:25 - Seeing others performing destructive behaviors