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Podcast 241: How to Get Your Best Night's Sleep with Sleep Expert Dr. Allison Brager

Getting a good night's sleep doesn't always mean more hours in bed. Sleep expert Dr. Allison Brager joins the WHOOP Podcast to share her top tips for your best night's sleep.

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On this week’s episode, WHOOP VP of Performance Science, Principal Scientist, Kristen Holmes is joined by neurobiologist and sleep expert Dr. Allison Brager. Dr. Brager has expertise in sleep and circadian rhythms. She breaks down how to get a good night's sleep, sharing more on the importance of sleep consistency and how circadian rhythms really work, plus she debunks some of the most common sleep myths and trends.

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  • 2:35 - Misconceptions about sleep trends
  • 6:12 - Ideal sleeping conditions
  • 10:35 - The relationship between light and melatonin
  • 12:40 - Manipulating our circadian rhythm
  • 16:55 - Sleep consistency
  • 23:10 - Circadian rhythms and the metabolic system
  • 28:42 - Behaviors that can disrupt sleep onset
  • 35:40 - How naps impact sleep patterns