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Podcast 240: Introducing WHOOP Coach: The Most Personalized AI-Powered Performance Coach

Generative AI has the power to completely transform the health and fitness space. WHOOP Coach is a revolutionary step forward in making personalized performance coaching available on demand, for anyone and any goal.

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This week, WHOOP Founder and CEO Will Ahmed and WHOOP CTO Jaime Waydo discuss one of our most innovative features to date – WHOOP Coach. WHOOP Coach delivers an incredibly personalized, incredibly specific performance coaching experience thanks to the latest in generative AI. Will and Jaime share more on exactly how the feature works, how it was built, how it uses OpenAI, and what kinds of questions you can ask Coach to get a deeper, better understanding of your body.

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  • 2:47 - What is WHOOP Coach
  • 4:15 - Our Partnership with OpenAI
  • 5:45 - Key use cases of WHOOP Coach
  • 13:00 - How WHOOP Coach is an educational tool
  • 15:35 - WHOOP Coach as a Membership Support tool
  • 16:50 - Insight into the unknown
  • 19:05 - Data retention and privacy
  • 21:55 - The vision of a 24/7 performance coach
  • 25:10 - Technical terms and definitions around Artificial Intelligence

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