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Podcast 236: Finding a Purpose Through Endurance Sports with Ken Rideout

Ken Rideout has been crowned the "World's Best Marathoner Over 50" by the New York Times, but he wasn't always a runner, or someone who embraced a lifestyle of peak fitness. He joins the WHOOP Podcast to share more about his personal journey.

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Ken Rideout is one of the world's best marathon masters runners, having won or podiumed at many of the marathon majors. But he wasn't always a runner. An opioid addiction set him on a health and fitness journey that completely transformed the trajectory of his life. Ken sits down with VP of Performance Science, Principal Scientist Kristen Holmes to share more about his incredible life story, and how he's relentlessly pursuing the best version of himself.

Episode Chapters:

  • 3:35 - Ken’s backstory and life growing up
  • 10:40 - Moving to New York and starting in finance
  • 17:00 - Ken’s struggle with addiction and seeking help
  • 23:35 - Seeking extreme experiences as a high
  • 27:30 - Running the Gobi March in Mongolia
  • 38:55 - The power of showing up
  • 45:20 - Nutrition and hydration practices for maintaining high strains
  • 46:35 - Running the 6 major marathons
  • 51:05 - What Ken is obsessing over 

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