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Podcast 209: Turning Back Your Biological Clock with Bryan Johnson

Podcast 209: Turning Back Your Biological Clock with Bryan Johnson

Aging is inevitable — or is it? On this week's podcast, Founder & CEO Will Ahmed sits down with entrepreneur Bryan Johnson to discuss his quest to reverse the aging process.

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This week, we're joined by Bryan Johnson, entrepreneur, venture capitalist, writer, author, and the Founder and CEO of Kernel. Bryan has been on a quest to slow down the pace of aging, and has invested in better understanding the habits that can help him do so. His daily regimen is designed to increase his endurance, optimize his heart health, and even improve his skin – all in an effort to reverse aging. We sit down to discuss his approach, and we even dig into his WHOOP data to see if his efforts are paying off. Want to see your questions answered? Email us – – or you can call our listener line (508-443-4952) and leave a voicemail, and your question might be answered on a future episode.


  • 4:25 - Why Bryan is passionate about health and wellness
  • 7:25 - Bryan’s body on the Blueprint method
  • 9:25 - Bryan’s sleep and recovery WHOOP data
  • 12:25 - Variables that impact Bryan’s sleep
  • 14:25 - Bryan testing his body for optimal performance
  • 17:02 - Bryan’s outlook on life since starting Blueprint
  • 20:20 - Summarizing the Blueprint method
  • 26:50 - How Bryan has filtered his relationships and his family life
  • 32:35 - Society and self-destructive behaviors impacting aging
  • 38:10 - The media backlash Bryan received when starting Blueprint
  • 44:40 - Bryan’s diet on Blueprint
  • 49:00 - Society and the government’s role in education around health and wellness
  • 52:00 - Understanding how to remove your autonomy
  • 56:50 - Building the next version of humans

Resources: Kernel Bryan Johnson Blueprint Theta Waves Rejuvenation Olympics Bryan’s Twitter