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Podcast 178: Food as Medicine with Dr. Julie Foucher


Podcast 178: Food as Medicine with Dr. Julie Foucher

This week’s episode is all about nutrition and how locking in your diet can help prevent chronic disease, fix health problems you may be dealing with, and help you live a longer life.

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WHOOP VP of Performance Kristen Holmes sits down with Dr. Julie Foucher to talk about how food can often be used as the medicine for what ails you. Julie is one of the true experts in the field of nutrition and high performance. She’s a family physician who practices precision medicine with Wild Health, an organization focused on preventive and proactive healthcare. Julie is also one of the top CrossFit athletes the sport has seen in the last decade, competing 4 times at the Games and finishing in the top 5 each time. Dr. Foucher shares what you need to know about processed foods, the role your genetics play in how you metabolize food, and which foods are anti-inflammatory. She also dives deep on fasting, meal timing, and how proper nutrition can play a role in injury prevention and recovery. We have new ways to interact with the WHOOP Podcast! You can email us – – or you can call our new listener line (508-443-4952) and leave a question or comment, and your question might be answered on a future episode.  

Dr. Julie Foucher podcast episode chapters:

3:25 - Food as medicine 5:45 - Genetics and nutrition 7:20 - Preventing chronic disease 9:20 - Inflammation 14:08 - Processed foods 17:36 - Eating for longevity 22:15 - Eating close to bed 27:02 - Comparing different diets 29:48 - Injury prevention and recovery 33:15 - Mental health and nutrition 35:12 - Habit formation and behavior change