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Podcast 175: Advice From the Masters of Mindset


Podcast 175: Advice From the Masters of Mindset

Insights from the WHOOP Podcast on mindfulness, meditation, and mental performance.

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Unlocking human performance isn’t just about tapping into the potential your body has–it’s about harnessing the power of the mind as well. This week we’re wrapping up our series on mental health by taking a look back at some of the learnings and insights we’ve covered on the WHOOP Podcast related to mental performance. In this episode, you’ll learn from some of the masters of mindset on how to improve your mindfulness, meditation, and visualization practices.  

Mindfulness Podcast Episode chapters:

2:35 - Andy Puddicombe, headspace co-founder, on the lifelong journey of mindfulness 4:38 - Dr. Jim Loehr, world-renowned sports psychologist, on performing under pressure 6:21 - Alex Honnold, Free Solo rock climber, on visualization and preparation 11:59 - Justin Thomas, 2-time PGA Champion, on harnessing nerves for good 14:13 - Michael Phelps, 28-time Olympic medalist, on calming your mind and improving your mental and emotional wellbeing 17:11 - Mark Divine, former Navy SEAL, on the power of meditation and zen practices 21:12 - Steve-O, star of Jackass, on the role meditation and gratitude play in success 24:37 - Andrew Huberman, Stanford Neuroscientist, on how stillness and mindfulness can chemically change your brain for the better