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Our Commitment to the Black Community: WHOOP Ally Plan


Our Commitment to the Black Community: WHOOP Ally Plan

Our mission is to unlock human potential. ⁣⁣We are listening.⁣ We are learning.⁣ We are changing. ⁣⁣We will not let racism stand in our way.

Donation: WHOOP is donating $20,000 to the Equal Justice Initiative and working internally to provide ongoing financial support to organizations supporting racial equality and social justice. Diversity Across Recruiting & Hiring: WHOOP will add $10,000 to our recruitment marketing budget and allocate it to sponsored job ads on job sites geared towards hiring people of color across all WHOOP career opportunities. Training and Education: All WHOOP Executives will take part in training regarding unconscious bias and resources will be provided to all employees seeking to learn more about anti-racism and civic engagement. Diversity for Affiliate & Community Programs: WHOOP commits to onboarding more people of color to our affiliate and community programs in an effort to make our representation on social media more balanced and representative of all WHOOP members. Civic Participation: WHOOP encourages all employees to vote and has added Tuesday, November 3rd (Election Day) to our list of office closure holidays. Additionally, "local election day" has been added to our list of validated reasons for WHOOP employees to take a Recovery Day (paid day off).