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6 Ways To Use WHOOP Coach


WHOOP Coach is here and ready to answer all of your health & fitness questions – so where do you start? Here are 6 different prompts we recommend asking WHOOP Coach to get the most out of this powerful new feature.

Ask About Health & Performance Topics

WHOOP Coach can answer your questions about everything from HRV to Zone 2 training – and anything in between. If you want to learn more about any health related topic or get more information about WHOOP metrics, here are some questions you can ask:

  • What does HRV mean?
  • What is Zone 2 training? 
  • What is Restorative Sleep?

Ask For Recommendations

If you’re trying to improve your health & fitness, ask WHOOP Coach for custom recommendations rooted in your data. You can even get designed coaching plans, routines, recipes, and more that address your body and specific needs. Ask things like:

  • How can I maintain my fitness level with a newborn baby?
  • Can you give me a training program for a marathon? 
  • How can I improve my sleep routine?

Ask About Your All-time Best (and Worst)

Ask Coach about the most memorable moments of your WHOOP journey. Whether you want to know the highest Strain Score you’ve ever had, or the lowest Recovery Score to date, WHOOP Coach can tell you exactly when it happened. You can ask:

  • What is my worst Recovery Score?
  • What’s my highest Strain Score?
  • What’s my best Sleep Performance? 

Find Out What’s Impacting You

WHOOP Coach sifts through thousands of your data points to identify exactly what is affecting your performance. If you’re having an off day, WHOOP Coach can help you figure out what might be causing it or impacting you. You can ask:

  • Why did I sleep poorly last night? 
  • Why do I feel so tired today?
  • Am I getting sick? 

Ask How You Compare

Understand what’s average, how you stack up to other members, and how you compare to your own personal stats on topics like sleep, stress, and more. You can ask:

  • How does my sleep compare to other people my age? 
  • Is my Stress normal? 
  • Do I sleep better in the winter than the summer?

Ask For Help With Your Membership – Or Your WHOOP 

Need support with your account, WHOOP band or membership? WHOOP Coach can help. Try asking things like:

  • My WHOOP isn’t charging — can you help?
  • What kind of membership do I have?
  • How do I change WHOOP bands?

Just ask WHOOP Coach

The best way to experience WHOOP Coach is for yourself.  Try asking any of the questions above or come up with your own for unique and personalized responses. And like any feature at WHOOP, we’ll continue to improve and advance WHOOP Coach as we receive member feedback.