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By WHOOP Partners with WHOOP to Bring Hyper-Personalized Insurance to the United Arab Emirates is the UAE’s first insurance program that incentivizes wellness and rewards customers for hitting health goals with WHOOP.

BOSTON, February 10, 2022 – WHOOP, the human performance company, and today announced a new partnership that will integrate physiological data into health insurance for an enhanced wellness experience in The United Arab Emirates. Individuals and organizations in the UAE who purchase insurance through will gain access to WHOOP™ wearable technology and advanced analytical insights for the opportunity to unlock cash back and other rewards for hitting key health milestones. “Through our partnership with WHOOP, will enhance human engagement and drive behavioral change by leveraging granular health data from WHOOP to reduce insurance claims and hyper-personalize the insurance experience” said Vaibhav Kashyap, Co-Founder & CEO. is bringing together an ecosystem of wellness focused services and products, with the singular goal of making insurance hyper-personalized. Through educational wellness programs and initiatives, and WHOOP will incentivize and influence user behavior, helping customers make healthier lifestyle choices. Individuals who achieve set sleep performance, recovery, and strain score goals will be eligible for cash back rewards through the insurance program. “Our partnership with will bring new benefits and innovation to healthcare,” said Mark McLaughlin, WHOOP Chief Business Officer. “We’re excited to help people prioritize their well-being and build healthier habits for life.” was conceived with the idea of creating a wellness experience built upon insurance and is committed to realizing that vision by supporting healthy, happy and resilient communities. This partnership will provide customers with 24/7 biometric monitoring alongside actionable feedback via WHOOP as a personal health solution to promote positive outcomes. “Inspired by the UAE’s unique National Strategy for Wellbeing 2031, is committed to creating national-level impact from healthier communities by harnessing the power of data to radically optimize healthcare effort and spend,” adds Co-Founder Javed Akberali. Individuals and communities in The United Arab Emirates interested in learning more about a new insurance journey that rewards people for living a healthier lifestyle can visit For more information on how WHOOP helps insurers and healthcare organizations support their patients to encourage improvement in their health and wellness journeys, visit  


WHOOP, the human performance company, offers a personalized 24/7 digital health coach that helps individuals and organizations unlock their inner potential and make meaningful lifestyle changes via actionable feedback on sleep, recovery, and strain. WHOOP insights are grounded in industry-leading accuracy across measurements of key health indicators like heart rate variability, resting heart rate, respiratory rate, and sleep staging. WHOOP provides unparalleled insights for improved performance and health to organizations and the people and populations they serve, from government agencies and hospitals to startups and athletic teams. WHOOP is the Official Fitness Wearable of the PGA TOUR and LPGA Tour, the Official Wearable of CrossFit, and the Official Recovery Wearable of the NFLPA. To partner with WHOOP to unlock health and performance within your organization, visit  


Headquartered in the UAE, is the Middle East’s first wellness-backed InsureTech. Founded by Vaibhav Kashyap and Javed Akberali, aims to disrupt the insurance landscape in the region by offering individuals, families, corporates and SMEs health insurance that incentivize engagement in various wellness activities such as gym visits, healthy eating, focusing on mental wellness, utilizing wearable tech, and much more. The company also uses cutting-edge data analytics tools to hyper personalize the insurance & wellness experience. is a digital-first brand, where users can complete their insurance journeys online.