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WHOOP Partners with RPM Training Co. for 10k Challenge in Support of Iron Compass Initiative


WHOOP Partners with RPM Training Co. for 10k Challenge in Support of Iron Compass Initiative

The Functional Training Brand Will Challenge Participants to 10,000 Jumps in 30 Days to Raise Funds for Youth Fitness and Mentorship Opportunities

Registration is open for the 10k Challenge, RPM Training Co.’s annual competition and fundraiser event, which begins January 4, 2021. WHOOP and RPM anticipate thousands of participants taking on the challenge of completing 10,000 jump rope jumps in 30 days. Funds raised from the 10k Challenge benefit programs providing fitness and mentorship opportunities for youth via RPM’s Iron Compass initiative. The Iron Compass, established in 2018, is the non-profit initiative of RPM Training Co., dedicated to supporting programs that provide functional training (CrossFit, etc.) and mentorship to underprivileged and at-risk youth. The 2021 primary charitable partner for the Iron Compass is Steve’s Club National Program, a 501(c)(3) organization that shares the mission of using functional training to help change the world through fitness. With 17 chapters based in local gyms and CrossFit affiliates across the United States, Steve’s Club offers a positive framework and supportive community to help at-risk youth grow into stronger and healthier individuals ready to realize their own potential.  

About the 10k Challenge

What started as a grassroots “just for fun” social challenge in 2014, has evolved into a global competitive and charitable event. In 2020, the 10k Challenge raised over $30,000, with more than 2,000 registered jumpers logging nearly 12 million jumps in 30 days. Fueling big expectations for this year, RPM surpassed the funds raised from last year’s 10k Challenge within 24 hours of opening registration. “I’ve always been motivated by the concept of using business as a force for good,” said RPM co-founder and CEO Shane Rogers. “As RPM began to grow, it became clear that there was an opportunity to call on the community we had built to accelerate this force at scale.” Prominent athletes, trainers, and fitness influencer​s such as Tori Boggs (five-time ​Grand World Jump Rope Champion) and Gustavo Vaz Tostes (head trainer at WIT Fitness and former professional footballer) are joining in the 2021 10k Challenge, while CrossFit Wynwood of Miami will host a live event and competition in January. “Every jump does truly make a difference, not only for your own health and fitness, but for that of our future generations,” said champion Tori Boggs. “I am participating in RPM's 10KChallenge to use my passion for jumping rope to bring positive opportunities to youth and encourage others to do the same.” This year, participants have the option to join a virtual team with their local gym or CrossFit affiliate, challenge and compete against their friends via an online leaderboard, and access a comprehensive dashboard where individuals and gyms can track their jumps and earn rewards from RPM Training Co. and 10k Challenge sponsors including WHOOP, Momentous, Amp Human, LIFEAID Beverage Co., and The Ready State. All skill levels are welcome: 10k Challenge participants can log jumps performed as double unders (two revolutions of the rope per jump), single unders, or a combination of both. 2021 also introduces a youth track on the 10k Challenge leaderboard, along with jump rope training resources provided by Dr. Kelly Starrett of The Ready State to be used by participants, parents, coaches, and educators.  

About RPM Training Co.

RPM Training Co., founded in 2012, is an active lifestyle brand focused on the intersection of training and action sports. Built largely on the success of their premium speed ropes, RPM also features a full line of lifestyle apparel, activewear, and functional swimwear, which is made by hand at their headquarters in Northern California. After originally gaining a following in the CrossFit community as one of the earliest players in the space, the RPM founders have leaned on their love of design and roots in the outdoors to become a training brand for the non-traditional active consumer. Their tagline, “Grounded by Purpose” is a nod to the core ethos of RPM: Legit, purposeful, functional training is the best foundation for a truly full and adventurous life.