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How a Soldier's Journey in Cold-Weather Isolation Training Impacted Recovery & Preparedness

July 22, 2021

Redefining Mission Readiness: A closer look at the WHOOP data from an Army Alaska soldier’s cold-weather isolation training paints a more complete picture of factors impacting recovery and preparedness.

Mission readiness can make the difference between life and death on the battlefield. All too often, commanders are relying on an incomplete picture to make decisions, emphasizing physical exertion and underestimating the toll that training in harsh environments takes on a soldier’s health, wellbeing, and – ultimately – tactical readiness.

One female soldier’s journey in completing the Denali Isolation Course demonstrates how stress and recovery impact the performance of those who serve – highlighting, in this case, that four days in cold weather isolation at altitude reduced sleep quality and recovery, exposing this soldier to a heightened risk of injury and illness in the weeks that followed her mission.

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