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December 30, 2017

Best of 2017: Part 2 - WHOOP Athletes Doing Big Things, Most Popular Stories

With 2017 coming to a close, we’re taking a look back at the top stories of the year through the lens of WHOOP. Part 1 focused on the big moments in big sports. In today’s Part 2, we celebrate the individual accomplishments of some of our favorite athletes, and share some of the year’s most popular stories from The Locker.


Dutch swimmer Kira Toussaint trains for World Championships

Kira is one of the first elite athletes to benefit from WHOOP. She told us the story of how she used to struggle in practice and couldn’t understand why certain workouts that were easy for her teammates took so much out of her. With the help of WHOOP, she adjusted her training and elevated her career to the next level. This past summer, we took a deep dive into her data and analyzed trends in her HRV as she prepared for the 2017 World Championships.


Ultra runner Robert Edmister finishes 3rd in first 100-mile race

A self-described “data nerd,” Robert uses just about every kind of wearable technology you can think of. He calls WHOOP “the most critical component” of his training. After originally taking up running as a means to exercise his dogs, Robert was amazed by the success he achieved in such a short time. We detailed what it’s like to train for and compete in a 100-mile race through Utah’s Wasatch Mountains.


PGA Golfer Scott Stallings shares his comeback story

Following years of suffering from extreme fatigue, Scott thought his life as a pro golfer might be over before it ever really began. To make matters worse, he was suspended from the PGA Tour after inquiring about his use of a banned over-the-counter hormone suggested by his doctor. Scott told us the story of how he got his career back on track, and the role WHOOP now plays in his training.


Jonathan “Goose” Helton discovers the ‘ultimate’ training tool

At its highest level, the game known to many of us as “ultimate frisbee” showcases spectacular highlights and some of the greatest feats of athleticism you’ll see in any sport. Goose explained how his unique training methods allowed him become a two-time MVP of the American Ultimate Disc League, and why WHOOP helps him stay at the top of his game.


Triathlete Jen Rulon realizes life-long dream of competing in Ironman World Championships

Jen recalls watching the Ironman World Champions on TV in 1989, and deciding in that moment that she would one day qualify for the triathlon of all triathlons. In September, she shared the details of how she finally accomplished her goal 28 years later. A month later, we examined her WHOOP data during a grueling 12 hours in Kona, Hawaii.


Scott “Hot Sauce” Holtzman wins fight at UFC Fresno after training with WHOOP

When he grew tired of his desk job several years ago, Scott, a former minor league hockey player, decided to take up mixed martial arts. The 34-year-old has now made UFC fighting his full-time occupation. Scott used WHOOP to guide his preparation for his December 9 battle with Darrell “The Saint” Horcher, from which he emerged victorious.


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Mark Van Deusen

Mark Van Deusen is the Copy Manager at WHOOP. Before joining WHOOP, Mark served as the Managing Editor and Head Writer for CelticsLife.com. He was also a Featured Columnist for Bleacher Report and a contributor at Yahoo Sports. A former tennis coach, Mark graduated from the University of Richmond with a degree in Sociology and Leadership Studies.