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Podcast 259: The Mind of Mahomes with Performance Coach, Bobby Stroupe

Bobby Stroupe is the Founder of Athlete Performance Enhancement Center (APEC) and is the trainer of two-time Super Bowl Champion, Patrick Mahomes. Coach Stroupe and his team have worked with and supported over 300 professional athletes across 6 different sports including World Series Champions, Super Bowl Champions, and first-round picks in both the NFL and MLB.

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It is Super Bowl week and once again WHOOP Founder and CEO, Will Ahmed, is joined by the incredible Bobby Stroupe. Will and Bobby discuss how Bobby started working with Patrick, their “gymnastica” training style, tapping into the flow state, dealing with sleep and recovery throughout the season, preparing for gameday and the playoffs, similarities between the Chiefs and the Patriots, Bobby’s thoughts on the 49ers, and understanding different play styles.


  • 3:15 - Bobby starting to work with Patrick
  • 6:05 - The “gymnastica” training style
  • 8:53 - Tapping into the flow state
  • 10:43 - Dealing with sleep and recovery throughout the season
  • 14:53 - Preparing for gameday and the playoffs
  • 27:50 - Sleep efficiency vs sleep duration
  • 29:19 - Similarities between the Chiefs and the Patriots
  • 35:01 - Bobby’s thoughts on the 49ers
  • 37:26 - Understanding different players’ styles and how to handle them