We’re revolutionizing the way that people understand their bodies. WHOOP provides unprecedented visibility into the relationship between physiology and performance, helping people reach their highest potential physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Since the beginning, we’ve been obsessed with understanding the human body.

Our founder, Will Ahmed, was a collegiate athlete who wanted to know how training was impacting his body. Prone to overtraining, missing sleep, and not prioritizing recovery, he couldn’t understand if he was overtraining, peaking, or about to get injured. Even with top-tier coaching and guidance, how could he perform his best if no one really knew what was going on inside his body? 

After reading 500 medical papers, the research revealed that monitoring key metrics like heart rate and heart rate variability 24/7 did more than just help optimize training—they could help you feel better, perform better, and live better.

Countless years of designing sensors, analyzing data, and capturing the nuances of human physiology led to the creation of WHOOP—the most advanced wearable on the market.

WHOOP measures your daily behaviors and metrics like sleep, strain, recovery and more, to show you how they all play an interconnected role in how you feel. In fact, everything WHOOP measures is scientifically proven to make the greatest impact on the way you perform.

Our obsession with understanding performance won’t quit until everyone has reached their full potential, and since we believe potential is infinite, that means we’re not stopping any time soon.

What's so exciting about 24/7 measurement and the power of wearable technology is the information that we've yet to discover.

– Will Ahmed, CEO


Our values reflect our belief that anything is possible with teamwork, drive, and a deep commitment to bringing our best day in and day out.

Our work is grounded in research, design, and privacy.

Our work is grounded in research, design, and privacy.

A man wearing a WHOOP 4.0 Band smiles while cycling on a stationary bike during a WHOOP Lab study.
We operate at the intersection of high intensity and high humility.

We operate at the intersection of high intensity and high humility.