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WHOOP CEO: New Capital, Improving Your Experience

By Will Ahmed

WHOOP CEO: New Capital, Improving Your Experience

Dear WHOOP Members,

Today we announced raising $55M of new capital. I’m writing to express my gratitude to everyone who uses WHOOP and how we’re going to invest these new funds.

When we first started WHOOP, we focused almost entirely on the best athletes in the world. If anyone needed to understand strain, sleep and recovery, it was them. Then we moved naturally to the best sports teams. Over time we felt a stronger and stronger pull from people like you – high performing individuals who want the tools and the data to better understand their bodies.

The WHOOP community includes everyone from professional athletes and Fortune 500 CEOs, to fitness enthusiasts and endurance competitors, to doctors and military personnel. I’ve heard from a trauma surgeon using WHOOP for the first time to find ways to get enough sleep and be prepared for her job. A runner who ran his PR in the New York Marathon. A busy mother who discovered that the secret to losing weight (60 lbs!) was proper recovery as much as anything else. An active-duty Navy SEAL who no longer overtrains. A CEO who discovered his diet had the biggest effect on optimal sleep. A professional golfer who just came off his most consistent season in part by recognizing how travel and jet lag affected his body. And a number of famous comedians who realized how quitting alcohol for a month made them sleep and recover better.

It’s a pretty unique group of people that wears WHOOP and we’re on a mission to unlock human performance together.

We will invest this new capital towards making the WHOOP membership the best possible experience. We’ll soon release new analytics features designed to help you better understand your body, as well as new software features to enhance the WHOOP community and compare data with other members. You’ll also find a massive upgrade to our Membership Services experience; if you have any issues you can expect a rapid response from our Membership Services team to help you out. Overall, there’s a lot of exciting work being done here.

Whether I’m turning on the television to watch sports, entering a gym, or walking into a board room, I’m seeing WHOOP Straps. I’m incredibly grateful to everyone who is part of our community. And on behalf of the WHOOP team, thank you for believing in us. We’re just getting started.

Best, Will

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