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The WHOOP Journal

By Lainie Smith

The WHOOP Journal

Discover How Choices and Behaviors Impact Your Physiological Data   Ever wonder how CBD oil affects your recovery? If wearing a sleep mask really makes a difference? In efforts to help our members make better lifestyle decisions with real-time feedback on their bodies, we introduced the WHOOP Journal–a customizable feature which allows you to log specific choices, behaviors, and other variables that may impact performance on a daily basis.  

Track Your Behaviors in the WHOOP Journal

The journal further personalizes the WHOOP experience by offering a wide range of more than 100 behaviors to choose from within several categories, so you can monitor how these behaviors affect your data.

customizeable questions in whoop journal

The WHOOP Journal allows you to track various behaviors on a daily basis in order to see their effect on your physiological metrics.

Based on user feedback, we’ve recently updated the journal to make it more streamlined and even easier to use. The journal now allows you to:

  • Answer all of your questions on one page
  • See the behaviors you’ve chosen to track grouped by categories
  • Input times, frequency, and quantity more efficiently
  • Default to “no” so only the things you did that day require a response
  • Edit responses individually if you want to go back and change something

Additionally, we’ve also added several new mental health behaviors you can log to help you better manage your holistic health.  

What You Can Track

There’s a long list of journal options to choose from, spanning a variety of categories including:

  • Recovery (modalities like acupuncture, ice baths, massage, and stretching)
  • Sleep (blue-light blocking glasses, sound machine, sharing a bed, etc)
  • Nutrition (choices such as paleo, plant-based, or a late meal)
  • Supplements (melatonin, turmeric, and more)
  • Medications (including dosage and frequency)
  • Lifestyle (things like working form home, alcohol consumption, sex)
  • Mental Health (anxiety, therapy sessions, journaling)
  • Reproductive Health (menstruating, pregnant, trying to conceive)

There is also a field to define the time at which a behavior occurred for more specific tracking, and a section to enter personal notes for an added layer of documentation. Members are able to choose different statuses within their journals as well. These toggle on and off, denoting behaviors lasting for an extended period of time–like being injured, sick, or parenting an infant.  

How Does the Journal Work?

Tap the journal button on your overview screen (in the upper right below your recovery and strain circles), and from there you can customize the behaviors you want to monitor.

customize your whoop journal questions

The journal lets you select which of over 140 behaviors you’d like to track, broken down by categories. Each day, you’ll have a personalized survey asking you questions about these behaviors. Learn more about how to use the WHOOP Journal  

Performance Insights Based on What You Track

As you fill out your journal each day, WHOOP stores the information and gives you a summary in Impacts, which features an in-depth analysis of how the behaviors you record correlate to changes in your Recovery.

whoop app journal behavior insights
The WHOOP app provides analysis of how behaviors logged in the journal affect your data.