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Membership Feature: The Weekly Performance Assessment


Membership Feature: The Weekly Performance Assessment

At WHOOP, we’re dedicated to providing the best possible service to our Members. A key aspect of this is creating new product features to upgrade and enhance the Membership experience.

Here's the first of many new things to come since we launched our Membership-based business model: The Weekly Performance Assessment. The daily feedback WHOOP provides based on the relationship between Recovery, Strain and Sleep is what allows our Members to unlock their inner potential--and now we’re taking that to another level. Each Monday, all WHOOP Members receive a customized Weekly Performance Assessment in their app, provided they’ve logged at least five days of data (we recommend all seven for the full experience). Note to new Members: You won’t get your first report until you’ve logged at least 14 total Recoveries. The Weekly Performance Assessment can be found by clicking on the menu bar in the upper left corner of the WHOOP app (make sure you have the latest version) or visiting

It gives each Member a personalized analysis of their data, actionable feedback to help improve their training, as well a global comparison to others in the WHOOP community. Each WPA includes three sections:


This is a breakdown of your current training state based on the newly created WHOOP Training Zones. We analyzed nearly a million days of Strain and Recovery data and their impact on next-day Heart Rate Variability to help determine whether Members fall into the Optimal, Overreaching or Restoring zone each day.

The Training Zones can be used to help ensure what you are doing to your body is properly aligned with what your current fitness goals are.


This section demonstrates how close you are to getting optimal sleep each night. By comparing Sleep Consistency (going to bed and getting up at similar times each day) with nightly Sleep Performance (the percentage of sleep achieved compared to recommended sleep need), Members get an advanced breakdown of how to make the most of their sleep on a nightly basis.

By viewing these trends on a weekly basis, you can use the analysis to modify your behavior going forward and improve the overall quality of your sleep.


The third portion of the WPA features a weekly comparison of a specific aspect of your data with that of other WHOOP Members. How does your HRV stack up against people like you? Is your resting heart rate similar to others with the same fitness interests and goals? Or, how much sleep are you getting compared to a pro athlete? If you’re not already a WHOOP Member, join now and find out.