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WHOOP CEO: 7 Features I Love in WHOOP 4.0

By Will Ahmed

WHOOP CEO: 7 Features I Love in WHOOP 4.0

Seven features I believe will transform your WHOOP experience from the next generation of our technology, WHOOP 4.0.

Earlier today at WHOOP Unlocked, our first-ever community event, we unveiled the next generation of WHOOP technology: WHOOP 4.0. I have been thinking about this technology and building it for a decade and I can promise you that WHOOP 4.0 is the most advanced technology that we have ever released. I want to specifically highlight the seven features that I believe will transform your WHOOP experience.  

1. Smaller Sensor, Compact Design

We heard from many members, particularly those with smaller wrists, that they wanted a WHOOP 4.0 that is less intrusive and more efficient. The WHOOP 4.0 is now 33 percent smaller. And it achieves this while bolstering new sensing and maintaining a five-day battery life. In fact, the WHOOP 4.0 sensor is the most advanced we’ve ever released with five LEDs, including green, red, and infrared light-emitting diodes for enhanced accuracy. We know that WHOOP members love customizing their WHOOP. When we developed the 4.0, we wanted to create a system to easily change bands and unlock new color combinations and styles. Our solution is the Fast Link Slider. With the Fast Link, it’s never been easier to switch out the band. You’ll never need to thread your band again to wear a new color combination. iframe{max-width:100% !important;}


2. An Upgraded, Waterproof Battery Pack

We’ve completely elevated the battery pack that comes included with the WHOOP 4.0. I know I’m not the only one who has previously ruined a battery pack in the shower. Good news: Battery Pack 4.0 is waterproof! Battery Pack 4.0 slides on to your WHOOP and utilizes wireless charging, the first of its kind in a wearable, so there’s no need to take off your WHOOP 4.0.

whoop 4.0 charger


3. Health Monitor

The new Health Monitor may be the most important feature we’ve ever released. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we witnessed firsthand how WHOOP members used key WHOOP metrics, like respiratory rate, to monitor potential indicators of COVID-19. In our new release, we knew we wanted to put these metrics front and center. Through Health Monitor, members will have access to a dashboard with metrics including HRV, respiratory rate, and resting heart rate. Thanks to the WHOOP 4.0’s upgraded sensor suite, members will also see their skin temperature and blood oxygen levels. When your daily readings slide out of your target range, Health Monitor will alert you. This is just one way we help you understand the secrets your body is trying to tell you. As part of Health Monitor, you’ll also be able share all of your data electronically. Right from the app, you can text or email a pdf of your 30-day and 180-day health reports immediately to your doctor, trainer, or loved one. iframe{max-width:100% !important;}


4. Sleep Planner

The WHOOP 4.0 is built with a new haptic technology, which allows Sleep Planner to wake you up through silent vibrations. It makes waking up more refreshing--and it allows you to wake up without disturbing your partner. Sleep Planner now gives you three unique modes to allow you to perfectly customize your sleep:

  • Exact time - You can set a specific time for WHOOP to vibrate and wake you up.
  • Sleep goal - In this mode, Sleep Planner wakes you up when you reach a desired sleep performance score. If you want to reach 100 percent of a recommended sleep goal, Sleep Planner will tell you when you need to be in bed, will sense when you fall asleep, and will make sure you wake up when you’ve reached your target goal. It’s that easy.
  • “In the green” - Sleep Planner will wake you up when it knows that you’re ready to perform at your best the following day. This allows you to max out your physiological recovery. As soon as your recovery is as high as it will get for the day, WHOOP will send haptic vibrations to your wrist and you’ll be ready to go!

I’m excited to see how our members use this new feature. iframe{max-width:100% !important;}


5. WHOOP Body featuring Any-Wear™ Technology

One of the most compelling features of WHOOP 4.0 is its versatility. For the first time-ever, we’ve created a new collection of apparel, WHOOP Body. WHOOP Body uses our new Any-Wear technology, which allows WHOOP 4.0 to be worn throughout the body. We have two lines of apparel that we’ve just released:

  • The Training Collection, featuring sports bras, compression tops, leggings, shorts, and athletic boxers
  • The Intimates Collection which includes bralettes and everyday boxers

In all of these garments, the WHOOP sensor slides into a discrete pod that holds the sensor close to your skin and enables the WHOOP platform to seamlessly capture your data. I’ve always said that wearable technology should be either cool or invisible. The WHOOP 4.0 has achieved both. iframe{max-width:100% !important;}


6. WHOOP Pro

In line with our commitment to empowering our members to more easily accessorize their WHOOP experience, we’re also releasing another membership experience: WHOOP Pro. This is designed for our members who love to accessorize their WHOOP. Members can join WHOOP Pro for just $12 a month to receive:

  • A free item of your choice every quarter (including new bands, WHOOP Body apparel, exclusive WHOOP Pro gear, Battery Pack 4.0, and more)
  • 20% off the WHOOP Store
  • Early access to new releases
  • Free shipping on all items from the WHOOP Store

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7. The Best Part? WHOOP 4.0 is Included in your Membership

When we transitioned to being a subscription, we promised our members (and ourselves) that we were no longer in the business of selling hardware. And for the first time in the wearables industry, WHOOP will be launching its new hardware to our members primarily for free. For those of you with six months or more on your membership, all you need to do is request a 4.0 through the WHOOP app or on our website. For those of you who are new to WHOOP or have under six months of membership remaining, all we ask is that you extend your membership--and we will send you a WHOOP 4.0 for free. On behalf of the entire WHOOP team, I thank you for being on WHOOP and reviewing our new technology. We’re so excited to introduce you all to WHOOP 4.0. These are just a few of my favorite features. The beauty of your WHOOP membership is that we’re constantly improving our features and platform, so this is just the beginning. Onwards, Will