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Podcast 195: Dr. Andrew Huberman On Reducing Stress, Sleeping Better, and Optimizing Your Health

Podcast 195: Dr. Andrew Huberman On Reducing Stress, Sleeping Better, and Optimizing Your Health

This week, neuroscientist Dr. Andrew Huberman joins the WHOOP Podcast to share more on breathing techniques with the biggest health benefits, the importance of light on sleep health, and temperature modulation

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This week, Stanford neuroscientist, host of The Huberman Lab podcast, and member of the WHOOP Scientific Advisory Council, Dr. Andrew Huberman, joins WHOOP Founder & CEO Will Ahmed for a discussion on how to reduce stress, improve sleep, and optimize your health with a few key behaviors. Dr. Andrew Huberman and his team are researching the brain mechanisms controlling anxiety and the effect of stress on cognitive performance. On the podcast, he shares more about the cyclic sigh - a proven and effective breathing technique for reducing RHR, improving HRV, aiding sleep, and improving feelings of well being. Dr. Huberman also shares more on how to improve your sleep by viewing light at the right times, and how other behaviors, including hot and cold therapy, can help you get better rest.

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3:15-3:58 - Launching the Huberman Podcast 4:30-6:37 - Working with WHOOP and the importance of sleep 7:12-10:07 - Tricks to sleep better and morning light exposure 10:10-15:13 - The effects of screen exposure 15:14-18:30 - The benefits of delaying morning caffeine intake and the impact of adenosine 18:30-22:44 - How bright light at night can be linked to depression 22:45-24:00 - Recommended phone light percentage in the evening 24:01-34:53 - His recent research on breathing protocols and their efficacy 38:51-42:20 - Cold exposure and weight loss 42:40-47:45 - How to train your body to nose breathe – and why it has such positive effects 52:48-54:20 - Dr. Huberman on using WHOOP for his research 54:22-58:23 - How Dr. Huberman uses WHOOP on a daily basis  


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