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Podcast 224: Protein and Skeletal Muscle: The Keys to Longevity with Dr. Gabrielle Lyon

By Tatiana Kuzmowycz

Podcast 224: Protein and Skeletal Muscle: The Keys to Longevity with Dr. Gabrielle Lyon

Dr. Gabrielle Lyon is a functional medicine physician who believes that the keys to longevity lie in strength training and protein consumption. Dr. Lyon joins the WHOOP Podcast to share more on her concept of muscle-centric medicine as critical for a longer, healthier life.

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This week on the WHOOP Podcast, WHOOP VP of Performance Science, Principal Scientist, Kristen Holmes is joined by health expert Dr. Gabrielle Lyon. Dr. Lyon board certified in Family Medicine, and is the founder of the Institute for Muscle-Centric Medicine. Her expertise focuses on the practical application of protein, types, and levels to health, performance, aging, and disease prevention. Dr. Lyon and Kristen discuss the relationship between protein and skeletal muscle, how to think about feeding windows and timing, how to prioritize protein as a vegetarian, how strength training and protein consumption can help prevent disease, and so much more. Want to see your questions answered? Email us – – or you can call our listener line (508-443-4952) and leave a voicemail, and your question might be answered on a future episode.


  • 3:15 - A patient’s story that unlocked Dr. Lyon’s research
  • 6:35 - Where things start to go wrong for people’s health
  • 11:35 - What skeletal muscle does and the behaviors needed to build it up
  • 13:50 - The relationship between protein and skeletal muscle
  • 17:20 - How to find the right amino acids
  • 21:45 - Dr. Lyon working with patients to get proteins
  • 26:50 - Fasting and eating throughout the day
  • 31:25 - Getting adequate levels of protein as a vegetarian
  • 34:25 - Protein and resistance training helping to prevent disease
  • 37:25 - Having tough conversations about health
  • 43:30 - Dr. Lyon’s journey in writing her book
  • 47:15 - Dr. Lyon’s ideologies and practice
  • 53:55 - Dealing with doubters and skeptics
  • 57:40 - Talking with loved ones about health
  • 1:01:25 - Tips on improving muscle tissue health

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