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Podcast 196: How To Minimize the Negative Effects of Alcohol with Kristen Holmes and Emily Capodilupo

Podcast 196: How To Minimize the Negative Effects of Alcohol with Kristen Holmes and Emily Capodilupo

We're bringing back one of our all-time classic episodes on alcohol, featuring Emily Capodilupo, Kristen Holmes, and other expects to discuss the effects of alcohol consumption on everything from sleep to muscle building

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As Sober October comes to a close, we're reairing a fan favorite podcast on alcohol. VP of Performance Kristen Holmes and SVP of Data Science & Research Emily Capodilupo share the science behind alcohol consumption, looking specifically at how alcohol effects sleep, recovery, and key physiological metrics. They also break down how alcohol can impede workout progress, and how hydration plays a role in how you feel. Whether you're choosing to abstain or not, this episode is a can't-miss if you want to understand alcohol's true impact. Want to see your questions answered? Email us – – or you can call our listener line (508-443-4952) and leave a voicemail, and your question might be answered on a future episode.


2:45 - 4:02 - What we know about alcohol and its effect on the body 4:05 - 6:02 - How alcohol can lead to poor sleep 6:40 - 7:53 - How alcohol deters muscle development and hinders workout results 8**:22 - 9:20** - What to expect from your WHOOP metrics after drinking 9:50 - 11:45 - A story on how going sober for a season led to a collegiate national championship 11:45 - 15:34 - Collegiate athletes and recovering from drinking 15:35 - 16:47 - Healthy behaviors to offset hangovers and alcohol consumption 16:50 - 18:30 - Tips to try and recover better if you know you will be drinking 18:40 - 21:15 - A case study done with military soldiers and the impact of alcohol on sleep 21:36 - 25:53 - The potential benefits of small amounts of alcohol 25:55 - 27:00 - Experimenting with your personal WHOOP data 27:20 - 29:31 - Hydration specialist Andy Blow on how to hydrate while drinking and the power of non-alcoholic beer