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Revolutionizing Cyclist Performance: WHOOP partners with ASSOS of Switzerland to introduce new cutting-edge cycling shorts.

Revolutionizing Cyclist Performance: WHOOP partners with ASSOS of Switzerland to introduce new cutting-edge cycling shorts.

In a groundbreaking collaboration, WHOOP and ASSOS of Switzerland combine their expertise to redefine the cyclist experience with a new pair of cycling shorts

Following nearly two years of meticulous product development and rigorous testing, ASSOS and WHOOP are thrilled to announce their new partnership and unveil a new garment that was thoroughly tested to seamlessly integrate cutting-edge technology with the finest craftsmanship in cycling apparel, the Mille GT WHOOP Bib Shorts C2 and UMA GT WHOOP Bib Shorts C2. This collaboration marks a significant stride in the evolution of cycling gear, merging the realms of data-driven performance with a premium design that is proven to be the most comfortable and accurate for optimal data collection from cyclists. 

At the heart of this partnership lies a shared commitment to elevate people's performance. ASSOS, renowned for crafting the world's premier cycling apparel, pairs its expertise with the revolutionary technology from WHOOP, which offers unparalleled insights into the intricate relationship between human physiology and performance. Together, with the culmination of the new cycling apparel, the two brands are continuing to empower cyclists to reach their full potential on and off the saddle. 

The partnership and accompanying apparel also further solidifies the commitment from WHOOP to support the cycling community, one of the most popular activities logged by WHOOP members, with optimizing their performance. 

The first-of-its-kind cycling garments will solve the key problems often noted by cyclists by providing enhanced flexibility, comfort and the same accurate data collection as the device on their wrist. The new Mille GT WHOOP Bib Shorts C2 and UMA GT WHOOP Bib Shorts C2 boast lightweight materials like RX EVO lightweight insulation and three-layer perforated foam that add to overall breathability and eliminate excess weight. In addition, the overall fit is also tested and proven to provide comfort for long rides in cool-weather conditions. The bib’s X-Frame straps limit sag and stabilize the insert and main body panel, while Thermo-formed shaping reduces ridges and irritation. ZeroPressure Waist construction adds to overall comfort as well. 

The development process

"We embarked on this journey with the ambition to integrate smart technology into cycling apparel with the target to support passionate cyclists in improving their performances," remarks Peter Hammerschmidt, ASSOS Director of Product Management. "Partnering with WHOOP was our dream scenario, allowing us to seamlessly integrate their device into our endurance bib shorts model, delivering excellent data capturing and ultimate comfort from short to long distance bike rides. "

The development and testing process took place at the WHOOP Labs in Boston, and involved extensive testing and refinement. There were five pocket locations across the body that were tested in order to choose the optimal location for data and comfort on cyclists, and ensure that the new cycling bib was as accurate as a WHOOP on a rider’s wrist. The final location—a left mid-center glute pocket—emerged as the optimal choice.

Every detail matters in pursuit of peak performance—including the correct size choice – with the garments extensively tested for fit, accuracy, and comfort. One key advantage of these cycling shorts is their ability to remain securely in place, ensuring consistent and reliable data capture—even in the most demanding conditions.

“We are thrilled to work with ASSOS as they are the pinnacle cycling brand, creating highly technical products for true cyclists,” said Joel Lessard, SVP of Apparel and Accessories at WHOOP. “At WHOOP, we are obsessive about our member’s experience and constantly looking for solutions that enable them to collect their health and fitness data 24/7. Cycling is a core activity for our members and an activity WHOOP is investing in. This partnership with ASSOS provides the most innovative solution for cyclists looking to track their health and fitness data throughout their time in the saddle whether on the road or trail.”

The new products will be available for $190 USD and can be purchased on and, in ASSOS stores across London, Lugano, and Frankfurt.

ASSOS is offering customers $20 off an annual WHOOP membership, or you can join WHOOP through a one-month free trial. To learn more about WHOOP please visit


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About ASSOS of Switzerland

ASSOS’ passion for cycling was born 48 years ago in the heart of Switzerland, standing out with a unique focus on high-end technologies and maniacal attention to detail. To this day, after 400 Olympic and World Championship medals and 25 patents, ASSOS’ protocol has remained steadfast: “to destroy, reset, and improve.” Whether it’s developing its own textiles, exclusive fabrics within 150km from its headquarters, stress-testing prototypes with WorldTour athletes, or refining a product over the course of several years, the merging of total comfort and technical performance is the hallmark of every ASSOS product.

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