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The All-New WHOOP Home Screen

March 7, 2023

New look, more insights: the all-new Home screen was designed to make finding your favorite metrics and features easy, plus it surfaces more personalized insights than ever before. Here’s what’s new and different.

The new Home screen was redesigned based on research and feedback from members like you. We heard that you wanted more focus on sleep, key insights, easier-to-find shortcuts, and more ways to see your personalized recommendations, insights, and coaching tips. That’s why we’ve redesigned Home to be the ultimate dashboard for your key metrics.

WHOOP VP of Product Alexi Coffey explains, “This is where people spend the most time in the app, so we wanted to approach it thoughtfully and deeply understand what our members need and ensure it’s a step forward for more personalized coaching.”

Here’s what you can find in your new Home:

  • Get to your favorite spots in the app faster: Use the all-new action button to access your WHOOP Journal to track over 100+ daily behaviors, find WHOOP Live to capture your workout in action, or start an activity. 
  • Enjoy improved navigation: Find your Sleep, Recovery, and Strain in a new order to better match how you use WHOOP throughout the day. Also, navigate the WHOOP app more quickly with bottom labels.
  • Get personalized insights throughout the day: Check in throughout the day to see what WHOOP recommends just for you. First thing in the morning, WHOOP might recommend a target strain or behaviors to consider based on your Recovery. Later in the day, WHOOP will provide sleep recommendations based on how you exerted yourself – all found right on your Home screen.
  • Easily access all of your key metrics: Find your key metrics on home – and with a quick tap, see your progress across the week, month, or even 6 months. Compare your Strain & Recovery to see how you’re balancing your body. Plus, easily access Health Monitor from Home to review all of your key vitals.

Expect more relevant information and updates, enhancements, and easier access to new features, all delivered front and center, as you continue to unlock your goals with WHOOP.


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