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Team Invictus Boston Shares WHOOP Data from Games


Team Invictus Boston Shares WHOOP Data from Games

This week, a collection of the world’s fittest athletes descend upon Madison, WI for the 2018 Games. WHOOP is there, and we’ll be sharing the data from some of our Members competing.

Kelsey Kiel, Tola Morakinyo, Nathan McCabe and Briana Hamilton represent Team Invictus Back Bay, which trains right down the street from WHOOP headquarters in Boston, MA. We’ll be checking in with regular updates of their Recovery, Strain, Sleep, HRV and more as they take on other squads from around the globe.

Sunday, 8/5,

Back Bay finished the Games in 9th place overall in the team competition. Here’s a look at their data on the final day (Tola took his Strap off during the events):

A week-long view of Breezy Hamilton‘s Strain and Recovery highlights the intensity of the Games and the effect they have on the athletes taking part. Her Recovery never rose above 40% once she began competing:

The graph of her HRV over the past week tells the same story:

Saturday, 8/4,

Just as Kelsey Kiel expected, Team Back Bay put up an outstanding showing in the 1RM Snatch yesterday, taking first place overall in the event. Check out her resting heart rate data over the past two weeks heading into the Games:

Here's @kelskiel's resting heart rate trend leading up to the Games. She's primed to perform! . Click the link in bio for more data from @invictusboston as they compete. ? @richardveytsman

A post shared by WHOOP (@whoop) on Aug 4, 2018 at 2:13pm PDT

Nate McCabe led the squad in Recovery this morning, checking in at 81%. Here’s a look at his heart rate and Strain over the course of the day:

Friday, 8/3,

A day of rest Thursday was not enough to get the team’s Recoveries back in the green. Breezy Hamilton, even with a 85% Sleep Performance last night (7:38 of the 9:01 she needed), is still just 40% recovered today:

Similarly, Nate McCabe is in the yellow as well, with a 58% Recovery on the heels of sleeping 7:57 (a 91% Sleep Performance). Nate has done an exceptional job balancing his Strain and Recovery to this point (see below), but that will almost certainly change after Team Back Bay competes in three more events today.

Back Bay sits in 10th place overall at the moment, but has eyes on climbing the ranks. “The next workout is the 1RM Snatch and that will be a really good one for our team,” Kesley Kiel told us.

Thursday, 8/2,

Team Back Bay competed in two events on Day 1 of the Games, the Bike Deadlift (1600-meter bike rides followed by team deadlifts of 800 pounds) and the 30s (muscle-ups, back squats, push presses and box jump-overs). Below is a graph of Nate McCabe‘s heart rate over the course of both events:

Nate logged a 10.6 Strain in 21 minutes during the Bike Deadlift, with an average heart rate of 154 beats per minute. He then posted a 9.8 Strain over 50 minutes of the 30s, with an average heart rate of 123 bpm. His hr peaked at 178 bpm right before finishing the second event. In total, Nate’s Day Strain was 17.2.

Yesterday’s Strain clearly took its toll on Nate and the rest of the squad. Despite sleeping 8:21 last night, he woke up this morning with only a 39% Recovery.

Similarly, Breezy Hamilton (16.0 Day Strain yesterday) slept 7:09 and was just 23% recovered. Overall, the team’s average Recovery today was 31%.

Luckily, Back Bay and others in the team competition have a day off to rest today before getting back at it tomorrow afternoon.

Wednesday, 8/1,

Below are the week-long data averages for each member of Team Back Bay heading into the Games:

The travel from Boston to Madison may well have impacted their Sleep, but the collective 61% Recovery for the past week is quite respectable.

This morning, Nate led the team with a 93% Recovery after getting 8:03 of Sleep last night. Kelsey also managed an 80% Recovery despite sleeping just 5:32.

Photo credit: Richard Veytsman