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Podcast 193: Reggie Miller on the His New Athletic Era and How He Stays Disciplined

Podcast 193: Reggie Miller on the His New Athletic Era and How He Stays Disciplined

This week, Reggie Miller joins the podcast to talk about his legendary basketball career, and how in retirement, he's focused on new sports like cycling - and on better understanding the nuances and needs of his body

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On this week’s episode, we’re joined by NBA legend and longtime WHOOP member Reggie Miller. Reggie was named to the All Star team 5 times in his 18-year career. Since retiring, he’s become a commentator for TNT and a college basketball analyst for CBS Sports – but he’s also added another sport to his resume: cycling. He picked up mountain biking in 2000 and has since turned to the competitive circuit. An ever athlete, it's no surprise that Reggie is still to this day finding ways to optimize his habits, understand his patterns of behavior, and fine tune his body's performance.

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2:39 - Falling in love with basketball

4:40 - How he started out playing other sports before settling on the game that defined his career

8:14 - His time at UCLA

10:57 - How he built his confidence as a player

12:59 - Getting drafted to NBA

19:09 - The differences in the game - and in athletes - between then and now

25:39 - The importance of mindset in addition to skillset

29:17 - How practice is where the real work happens

30:30 - How he uses WHOOP

33:18 - What he's learned about his sleep

34:30 - What his typical day looks like


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