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Where we reveal this year’s biggest trends, new discoveries, and member stories. You poured into your passions—ripping down mountains, scoring off corner kicks, sleeping smarter, ritualizing recovery, and obsessing over becoming your best.


This year, you drank less rounds of bubbly but felt extra boosts of endorphins. Data showed that you devoted your time to recovery modalities like journaling, vacation, saunas, and ice baths, and the community as a whole drank less alcohol than in years past.

Member Story

“My Recovery would go from 90% to 1% when I drank alcohol

I started testing out different things that I’d seen on WHOOP, like wearing blue light blocking glasses before bed, hydrating more, and eating dinner way earlier rather than eating right before bed, and it made a massive improvement for me.”

— Leo G. | Australia

Most Logged Activity

Average Strain Score

Average Recovery Score

You tracked 183% more ice baths this year

You showed that the buzz you catch from a surge in dopamine and mental clarity, decreased insulin resistance, and reduced inflammation was more enjoyable than nursing a hangover.

You found new ways to chill out and boost your Recovery Score

Here’s a look at the WHOOP Journal behaviors you logged that made a positive impact.


Adding creatine to your diet might help build muscle mass, reduce soreness, and increase energy.


Improving your circadian health was big this year, and the data shows that simple daytime behaviors and sleep habits made a huge impact on your body’s ability to rest and recover.


Morning sunlight

Getting a few minutes of direct sun first thing in the morning can calibrate your internal clocks, helping you sleep better at night.

Daylight eating

Limiting mealtimes and snacks to the hours between sun up and sun down helps regulate your circadian rhythms and health.

Member Story

“I try to incorporate as many good habits as I can to meet my sleep goals.

Mid-season it’s hard to reach my sleep need playing in the Champion’s League—so I asked myself what else can I do to get the rest I need. Some things I focus on are hydration, multivitamins, magnesium, and maxing out my Strain.”

— Katie McCabe | Ireland

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This year, you used exercise to improve your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. The intention you brought to your training, sleep, and recovery helped increase your stamina—resulting in big Strain Scores at all ages.

A look at the top 1% Strain Score earners

Longevity was the name of the game this year, and the highest Strain came from older members.

Average Age

Member Story

“I feel fitter and stronger than I ever have.

I’m a horse jockey and I’m just beginning the return to racing after 6 years out of the game. I can’t believe how much easier I am doing it this time around with the help of my WHOOP. Even though I am much older, I have a healthier relationship with my mind and body.”

—Jessica D. | Australia

Most Logged Activity

Average Strain

Average Sleep Performance

You built strain in ways that benefitted your mind and your muscles

Data showed that you’re finding more ways to build strain outside of the gym—focusing on the activities you’re passionate about, and that help you live better for longer.


You built heart-healthy endurance spending 53.41% in HR Zone 2 & 3.


Strength Trainer by the numbers

Are your arms sore? The top 3 movements done by members using Strength Trainer were lateral raises, rope tricep pull downs, and bench press. And, the average tonnage lifted by the community was 325 metric tons—that’s almost equal to a Boeing-747.

A look inside the new Stress Monitor

Members in Hungary and India had the highest stress, while members in Brazil and South Africa had the lowest. And, the older our members are, the less time they spend in the high stress zone.

2023 Highlights

The top stats, streaks, and trends across the globe.

Australia goes to bed the earliest at 10:46pm. Qatar is the latest with an average bedtime of 1:50AM

Australia goes to bed the earliest at 10:46pm. Qatar is the latest with an average bedtime of 1:50AM

Finland had the highest average Recovery at 62%. They also had the highest green streak at 7 days on average per member.

Finland had the highest average Recovery at 62%. They also had the highest green streak at 7 days on average per member.


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