Dr. Michael Gervais, 3X Olympian Erik Vendt Talk HRV, Recovery and More (Video)

August 13, 2018

Olympic gold medalist and Director of Performance Erik Vendt discusses WHOOP, its advanced HRV tracking, and the benefits of recovery with high-performance psychologist Michael Gervais, host of the Finding Mastery podcast.


3:48 - Michael and Erik dive into how your mental state effects recovery, and how WHOOP quantifies that.

6:08 - Erik talks about how much he's learned regarding the value of sleep since his days as an Olympic athlete.

7:48 - An in-depth explanation of how WHOOP is able to accurately track HRV from the wrist (during slow wave sleep), unlike any other wearable.

13:25 - Objective feedback, what works for you, raising your HRV with good habits.

17:07 - How WHOOP compares to it's competitors, independent validation.

22:05 - What WHOOP can do for high school athletes across all sports.

24:13 - Michael shares what he loves about the design of the WHOOP Strap.

26:17 - Erik details what allowed him to become an Olympian and how he carried that over into the business world.



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